G Spot Sex Positions: Make Her Squirt

I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser. I am dressed as a fire chief today because I’ve got some hot sex positions for you. This is perfect for women who want to become female ejaculators and add squirting ejaculation to their orgasmic experience. Make her squirt!

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This is the sex position I use when I want to squirt all over my lover… guaranteed.

Squirting orgasms are definitely in vogue. It’s a must-have experience for the sexually adventurous that has all sorts of benefits physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

But some women find it difficult to let their waters flow. That’s why I made this video, to help men and women everywhere “open the tap” on her ejaculate.

Forget the “come hither” stroke that is promoted as THE TECHNIQUE to make a woman squirt. In fact, I want you to forget about “making” her squirt altogether. This G-spot sex position is a turnaround move that puts the power in a woman’s hands by letting gravity have its way with her. That’s right, GRAVITY. Who’s got the power now?

There is something so extraordinary for a woman… and for her lover… when the amrita starts to flow. The experience has a sacred quality to it that is unlike any other sexual act. Of course, all sexual acts have a sacred dimension to them if you invoke it… so what is it about female ejaculation that is so electrifying and beautiful?


For that depth of surrender to occur, a woman needs to be properly primed and optimally positioned.

Ha! “Properly primed and optimally positioned”… that’s a lot of Ps for something that isn’t pee!

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In the g-spot sex position to make her squirt, you’re using gravity. As the man, you’re lying down or leaning against the back of the headboard of your bed. You don’t have to sit straight up entirely as you did in the other position in this series, but you’re practically sitting up, and she’s cowgirl-style on top of you facing you. But here’s the thing. She gets on one knee and leaves the other one up where she has her foot on the bed, and she straddles you. So, she’s not squatting down on your penis; she’s above your penis. If you’re the woman in this position, you’re going to use the head of his erect penis, the tip of it, the glans, the most sensitive spot on his penis. 

It’s a body dynamics thing where it depends on how long your thigh bones are from your hip to the bed, how thick his body is, and how long his penis is because you’re trying to get the tip of his penis to your clitoris and the opening to your vagina, not lower or higher.


You may have to squat, put him on a pillow, and lift him. You’re trying to squat over him. You’re staying erect on the bed because you’re using his penis as the tool to get your ejaculate out. Being upright allows it to run out and down his body. So he can also stimulate, touch, and adore you, etc., while you’re using his tool for your pleasure.

Squirting and orgasms are separate. Some women have an orgasm and don’t squirt while others squirt but don’t have an orgasm. Still, others squirt and have an orgasm at the same time. It can happen where you have fluid come from your body, and you didn’t necessarily have an orgasm, and it still happened. 

Let’s say you’ve had a bit of ejaculate liquid. You can feel moistness, but you want there to be more fluid. You’ve heard about these women who are super-soakers, and you want to soak the bed. As the woman, you’re kneeling on the bed with one knee down and one knee up, kind of with your foot on the bed, your leg bent. You’re using his penis as the thing that coaxes the ejaculate out, and one of the things that I love about female ejaculation is that it’s an extremely cleansing experience for a woman. It is a release that I always say is like an orgasm and a good cry. 


Generally, many men are turned on when a woman has the level of surrender that allows her to let that fluid come out. The liquid is not pee. People argue with me about this all the time, and I’m a sex expert, and I know more than you do, and so trust me, it’s not the urine, it’s a liquid that comes out of your body, and I’m not going to go to all the anatomy here. However, I can do that at a later date, and there’s lots of stuff on the web that explains it as well. 

Let’s get to squirting. We’re here for a sex position that benefits the release of this beautiful fluid that many people call ‘amrita,’ a Sanskrit word. I believe it’s the nectar of the goddess. It is a very releasing and wonderful experience to allow this fluid to come out of your body. When you’re in this sex position and kneeling, you’re using the tip of his penis, and you’re rubbing it across your clitoris and your g-spot. 

That presumes that your g-spot has expanded and gotten engorged and is now peeking out of your vagina. You start with a genital massage, a yoni massage. Begin with oral sex and get blood to the vaginal area, the g-spot, the vagina, the mons, the labia, and the clitoral structure. Because there’s an entire structure that’s all erectile tissue that needs to get fully erect before you can start feeling these sensations, plenty of g-spot play and pressure and stroking can help begin to get that area engorged. 


A penis is a soft tool, and even if it’s erect, it’s a delicate thing, so you need engorgement before you straddle him, and you use his penis to make love to him and control the thrusts essentially. You can pull out, grab his penis, and stroke your G-area with it, stroke your clitoris, do fast strokes, short strokes at the same time. You want to get yourself to the point where you’re letting go. You’re allowing it to flow. If your partner plays with your breasts and nipples and tugs on them while you use the penis to stroke your G area and clitoris, the combination works well to bring the contractions required to let the fluid flow out. 

You’ll have to experiment around with it. If you’re already a female ejaculator, try this sex position, and you’ll see that there’s a lot more liquid that comes out because you’re using gravity to let it flow out of you. I’d also make sure that you use bed protection so that you’ve got a puddle pad under you. I like waterproof crib-sheets from Amazon. You can throw it down and put a towel on top of it, and that way, you don’t have to worry about getting anything on your bed. 


You can also put an entire waterproof mattress cover over your bedclothes and a sheet over that. It’s like you’re in bed, but no fluid will get on your bedding. Those tips and tricks help you if you are interested in having more fluid from your ejaculation. If your guy is doused in your womanly juices, it will be a real turn-on for him too, so enjoy yourself. 

Let me know how it works for you. And I also have a gift for you, which is this sex position plus six of the others in my series of Seven Stimulating Sex Positions. I took all those beautiful illustrations and put them in a free downloadable ebook linked in the show notes below. You are most welcome to have it as my gift and with my love. 

I am your trusted hot sex adviser Susan Bratton. Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my website because there’s more. I wish you the best. May it rain ‘amrita’ in your bedroom. Please let me know how you do. I’ll see you soon.

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