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Orgasmic meditation is when you’re not in your mind, but in your body and fully present while making love and wholly surrendered to pleasure.

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Congratulations, you are one of the curious people open to building on what you know and learning more about your innate sexual potential.

I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted, hot sex advisor to millions. This is the Future of Sex. In this video, I want to encourage you to give yourself a gift and reset your sexuality. Essentially, power down and enter a state of no-mind with your lover. Get out of your head and into your body. Accompany another person at the moment with the feelings and connection. 

When you truly let go, your body or performance won’t distract you. Slip into the moment and be completely present with your partner. This lovemaking takes you into a meditative state called a theta brainwave pattern that allows for the most passionate coupling type. Orgasmic meditation is when you’re not in your mind, but in your body and fully present while making love and wholly surrendered to pleasure.


My husband and I have done the Expanded Orgasm practice, a clitoral stroking technique, for over 12 years, every week. We start by getting comfortable.

I need to relax, which is not easy for me since I wear my CEO hat all day, but with orgasmic meditation, I let my husband lead me into pleasure. He strokes my clitoris with his finger in a particular way, which we teach in our program Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. This stroke ensures that the sensitive nerve endings in my clitoris don’t wear out. The last thing he wants is to continue to the point where his touch becomes unpleasant. This happens when men go for a woman’s clit too fast or in the wrong way. They dial down her arousal rather than getting her turned on. 

Over time my husband discovered that he could take over my nervous system. We enter a conjoined trance state. I’m feeling him; he’s touching me. I’m riding his ride; he’s stroking me into a series of orgasms that stack and get better, more extended, and intense over time. As he rubs me, my orgasms lengthen, and I go out into outer space. It’s an incredible erotic journey.

All the while we’re in this restorative theta-state-like meditation, it reboots you. We access it intentionally, building and harnessing each other’s sexual energy. 


Men, you will love this. Access this state by stroking a man’s penis to the edge of orgasm, and he rides the pleasure instead of ejaculating. He can even separate ejaculation from orgasm and have male multiple full-body energy orgasms. 

Of course, most men will ejaculate at first, but it’s relatively easy to train yourself to have a full-body energy orgasm. These orgasms feel good and even better than the typical ejaculatory orgasms. Men don’t know they’re capable of energy orgasms simply because we live in a culture where ejaculation is the standard orgasmic procedure. It’s not true that you have to ejaculate when you orgasm. There’s way more pleasure to be had when you enter a meditative sexual energy state with your lover. An Expanded Orgasm stroking practice gets you into a trance state together. 

The next video will discuss the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and how you can toggle back and forth for Expanded Orgasmic pleasure. First, click here to get three free pleasure reports on Expanded Orgasm. I’ll send you What Is Expanded Orgasm, in which we explain how it works, The Power Of Peaking, which is this toggling of the nervous system, and How to Touch for Rapture. These are my gifts so you can get to know me better.

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