Lotus Sex Position: Kama Sutra “Yab Yum”

Susan Bratton: Hi, I’m Susan Bratton your trusted hot sex advisor and fire chief for you today with my seven stimulating sex positions. This is one of my favorite, many people call it the Lotus Position, I like to call it Yab Yum. It’s so yummy and one of the reasons that it is, is that you have the ability to have many levels of stimulation when your face to face, you can stimulate her breasts, she can stimulate your nipples, you can kiss, she’s controlling the thrusts because she’s sitting down on his penis and so she’s getting simulation from her clitoris, from her G area, her perineal sponge. This could also be an anal sex position, so there are some women who are wired where anal feels better than vaginal and one of the things I love about this is the eye to eye contact, because it’s also a very connected position. A very tantric slow sex, love making style position. 

Susan Bratton: I want to guide you through some ideas about how to really make this great. When two people decide to consciously play with their sexual energy, which by the way I have a whole series on sexual energy, what it is, how to find it, how to get more of it, how to play with it, advance sexual energy. I got everything about sexual energy, so if you want to know more, you love sexual energy like I do, check that playlist out. It’s best to begin by simply looking into each others eyes with a very soft gaze, and it can be a little intimidating for people to look into each other’s eyes. It’s such a powerful thing, it can be a little overwhelming and so I want you to let go of your thoughts as much as possible and let go as well of any assumptions you’ve made about the person in front of you, and become curious about who that lover is. Beyond all the things you already know about them.

Susan Bratton: Beyond what you assume about them, and then bring your attention back to yourself and notice how you feel physically, how your emotions are running, what your mental chatter and if you’re a spiritual person, tune in to how this affects you. If the eyes are indeed the window to the soul, what do you see through that window when you look at your lover? Now, it’s also been said that the heart is the doorway to the infinite. I want you to start feeling into your own heart as you gaze into your lovers eyes, what’s in your heart when you look at your beloved? You can take this practice to the next level by shifting focus, actually going back and forth from attention on yourself, to attention on your partner. As you breathe in and out together. Connecting your breath and breathing together is a really beautiful way to get even more connected. And when you’re ready, you can add the element of touch by reaching out and taking your lovers hands or placing your hand on their heart and there’s on yours. 

Susan Bratton: If you’re not already in your partners lap at this point, it’s time to climb into your partners lap and sit in the open legged Yab Yum position, facing each other with your legs intertwined in the most comfortable for the two of you. He might sit with his legs crossed, his legs might be open like that, whatever way you want to do this, you want to find your comfort so that you can just relax and be together. If you’re uncomfortable doing it in an upright position you can find a comfortable way to do this by lying down and facing each other. You want to synchronize your breath and feel what happens to your energy. Now, when you synchronize your breath, typically a man’s lungs are bigger than a woman’s lungs and so as the woman, you’re gonna have to breathe more deeply and he’s gonna have to breathe a little more shallowly so that the two of you can match your breath. 

Susan Bratton: You can choose to breathe in at the same time and breath out at the same time or you can cycle your breath together. Your face to face, very close. You can even be so close that you’re almost touching or you’re even touching lips but you’re breathing out and she’s breathing in. And you get the rhythm going and oh my god it just starts to fill your body with energy and turn on and as your breathing you can also think about breathing in all the way to your genitals and breathing out from your genitals. So you’re breathing like this. It really gets a build up of sexual energy when you do it that way, the best way to do this Lotus Position is to really engage all five of your senses. You can use aromatic oils like aroma therapy. Play soft, sensual music. Before getting into this position you could have given each other full body messages to awaken the entire sensual grid that is your skin.

Susan Bratton: You can bring beautiful flowers into the room, you can get creative and find a way to delight all of your senses because that allows your sexual energy to build and before you know it, you’ll be kissing each other and caressing each other and once you start making love and you’re breathing deeply together, you can use your intention to actually spread that sexual energy even more through your body. Just be very attentive when you’re inside your woman, send your sexual your energy down through your manhood and into her body with intentional focus because she’ll really feel that energy your pushing into her and guys tend to want to drill it in and what you really want to do is gently bring your energy into her. Focus more on feeling her then pushing in and out of her or her having her moving on your penis. What you’re doing is you’re actually energetically sending sexual energy into her yoni and if you’re a woman, allow yourself to open and feel this energy.

Susan Bratton: See if you can let his sexual energy flow up inside your yoni and into your body like a river and let it flow back into his body. And most importantly, have fun with it. I’m here in a crazy fire chief costume. Sex is fun, sexual energy’s exciting to play with and you can allow it to lead you to higher and higher levels of pleasure because you’re sexual potential is literally infinite. It never stops getting better. Now, if you loved Yab Yum and you’d like to have a picture of the illustration I showed on this video, I have a free Ebook for you that has not only this position, the Lotus but the other six of my seven sensual sex positions and it’s a free download that’s linked below this video. You click, enter your name and email, I will give you an instant download to the book, you’ll be on my email list, you’ll get more tantric kissing techniques and other really beautiful as well as other super sexy sex tips and sex advice and I’d love you join me as part of my passionate love making techniques.

Susan Bratton: My mission to spread more passion. So while you’re down there, click like if you enjoyed this video. Let me know if you tried this position and follow along with the breathing and the eye gazing and the touch and the sensualness of this and if you have any questions or things that you’ve done to add to this, I’d love for you to post those in the comments below. You’re always welcome to join my Better Lover YouTube channel by subscribing. I drop a new video at least once a week if not more and welcome to my world, it’s burning hot in here! I’ll see you on the other side. This Lotus sex position is also often called Yab Yum in the tantric circles and tantra is kind of a slow very erotic, very connected sexual experience and so what Yab Yum is or Lotus Position is where the man is sitting down and he has his knees … Either his legs are crossed or he has his knees kind of up and open or open like a butterfly, whatever’s comfortable for him.

Susan Bratton: He can have his back supported or he can just be free sitting. Then his partner gets on top of him facing him and she sits down in his lap or just past where his legs are and puts her legs over his, or sits with her legs crossed in his lap. All of that depends on body dynamics, how flexible you are et cetera. The concept is that you’re facing each other, she’s sitting in your lap and you’re very, very close and that is a very easy position to maintain for a little while anyway but you can always adjust and move around, so that’s the lotus position. 

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  1. Thanks for this great video, Susan!

    From my personal experience when we have cycling synchronized breathing with my partner,
    there are full body orgasms for both of us, without even moving.

    Wishing you all the best!

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