The Best Sex Position To Prepare For Backdoor Sex

I’m Susan Bratton your trusted hot sex adviser. You’re part of my seven stimulating sex positions series. Number seven is all about backdoor sex.


The Best Sex Position To Prepare For Backdoor Sex

You like to have hot sex and so do I. Included in the best anal sex positions, there is a reverse cowgirl-style sex position. Either lie down, or my recommendation is to prop yourself up on pillows so that you can see everything around her butt. She will straddle you facing away and you can hold your penis up. She can slowly slide herself down on it and take her time to open herself to having that penis inside her rectum. Your girl is in control of the speed because she’s doing the moving while, as the man, you are holding still. 


The thing about anal is that some women love it while some are afraid of it. I’ll focus on the women who are afraid, who are not sure about it. This is a beginner’s anal sex position that allows you to play with her rear and her to slowly lower herself down on your penis at her speed.

I like positions that offer stimulation to different areas. I like it when lovers can run their hands on each other. In this case, when she’s sitting on your lap facing away, you can hold her hair, stroke her breasts from behind, play with her ass, and rub her legs and arms. You can tell her how beautiful she is, how beautiful her ass looks, how sexy her butthole looks. Encourage her, tell her you’re proud of her, give her appreciation, give her sensual observation because we women need a lot of encouragement to open up.


You must warm up her butt with a massage. Slowly move towards her anal opening. 

You then have one of two options: Make sure that your fingernails are well-trimmed and use an emery board. An emery board is a little sandpaper thing that goes on your fingers. 

Make sure you don’t have any hangnails and rough skin on your hands so that when you touch her or put your fingers inside her rectum, everything is very clean. Your hands should be spotless so that nothing will snag her. 


If you have rough, cracked, dry, or dirty hands from your work, my recommendation is simple: Get nitrile non-latex, very tight-fitting gloves. They’re very clean and sanitary and she won’t be able to even feel that you have them on. When you’re done, throw them in the trash can. The other awesome thing is polyurethane or a polypropylene condom on your penis. 


You want to use a lot of lube. I don’t like chemicals in my orifices. Instead, I like natural things such as viscous, thick, edible organic nut oils like avocado, coconut, and shea butter. I wouldn’t put anything in my vagina or rectum that I wouldn’t put in my mouth. It’s the same tube. It’s just the other end and you have to be careful about toxic chemicals. You have to read the ingredients. 

Once you’ve got the gloves on, you can put a finger into her anus after you’ve massaged and gotten her warmed up. Slowly allow her to adjust until she’s ready to have more of your finger. If she’s not ready, you can try again later. She can try it on your penis if you’ve got a condom on with a lot of lube. Have her guide herself down. Put the tip in until she’s relaxed. She might want to take it further.


Backdoor sex feels so incredible to some women, it’s almost overwhelming at first. It’s not pain. It’s almost more pleasure than they’ve ever had. You want to slow everything down. Reassurance, relaxation, and slowness with no pressure to do anything that doesn’t feel good.

You’re there to support and love her. Then, she can decide what the speed is and how deep she wants to go. That can be an incredible experience. Take your time, be loving and explore this most incredible, incredible pleasure available to you. 

Men have a perineal sponge similar to the G area, her g-spot. It’s between the bottom wall of her vagina and rectum. Just like you have a prostate in there, she has a sponge and it feels good when stroked. If she’s comfortable, give her a vibrator to place on her clitoris when you have your finger or your penis inside her. The combination of clitoral and anal stimulation is nice.


You can also put a finger in her vagina and rectum. But never put the finger that’s in her rectum anywhere near her vagina. You want to keep them kosher as we say. Always a separate glove, always a separate hand, and be very careful with the hand you’ve used inside her.

Be super neat and tidy because bacteria and parasites can spread. So safe sex at all times. 

There you go! That’s my starter anal sex position that gives her a lot of opportunities. 

If you have any questions, comments, or improvements and optimizations on the sex position, feel free to comment below. Also, if you like this sex position and you’d like to have copies of the illustrations and sex positions, I have a free ebook with full-color copies of these gorgeous sex positions. 

I look forward to connecting with you in the future. Give me a thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed this series and feel free to join me as a Better Lover subscriber. I’m, Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor to millions and I’ll see you on the other side.


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