Best Sex Position To Prepare For Backdoor Sex

Now, one of the things about anal is that some women love it, and some women are afraid of it, and I’m gonna focus on the women who are a little afraid of it, who are not sure about it, because this is really a beginner’s anal sex position, and it’s because it’s reverse cowgirl style that it allows you to play with her rear end and her to slowly lower herself down on your penis at her speed. But before you get there, that’s the cart before the horse, I want to talk a little bit about other reasons why I like this sex position. One of them is that I like sex positions that offer a lot of stimulation of different areas of the body. I like it when lovers are able to run their hands on each other, and in this particular case, when she’s sitting on your lap, facing away from you, you have the opportunity to hold her hair, stroke her breasts from behind, play with her ass, rub her legs and arms. You have the opportunity to tell her how beautiful she is, how beautiful her ass looks, how sexy her butthole looks. Encourage her. Tell her you’re proud of her. Give her appreciation. Give her sensual observation, because we women, we need a lot of encouragement to open up to these kind of things.

The other important part is that you have to really make sure that you warm up her butt first, by starting with a butt massage, and then slowly moving in toward her anal opening, and when you do that, you have one of two options. The first one is that you can use your fingers and make sure that your fingernails are very well trimmed, and that you use something called an emery board. An emery board is a little sandpaper thing that you go on your fingers and you make sure you don’t have any hangnails, you don’t have any rough skin on your hands, so that if you’re gonna be touching her or putting your fingers inside her rectum, you want to make sure that everything is very, very clean. Your hands are spotless, and there’s nothing that’s gonna snag her in any way. If you have rough hands, cracked hands, dry hands, hands that are dirty naturally from the work that you do, my recommendation is simple. Get nitrile, non-latex, very tight-fitting gloves, because those are wonderful and you can touch everything, and they’re a little more slidey. They’re very clean and sanitary, and she won’t be able to even feel that you have them on, and then when you’re done, zip, zip, zip, you take them off, throw them in the trash can.

The other thing that’s really awesome is using a polyurethane or polypropylene condom on your penis, and then you want to use a lot of lube. Now, for me personally, I don’t like to put chemicals in any of my orifices. I like things that are totally natural, so I like the more viscous, thicker, edible, organic nut oils like avocado oil, coconut oil, Shea butter oil, things like this. So your lube preferences are your lube preferences. Those are mine, but I wouldn’t put anything in my vagina or my rectum that I wouldn’t put in my mouth, so it’s the same tube, it’s just the other end, and you have to be careful about the toxic chemicals that things can be made out of. You have to really read the ingredients.

Now, what’s great about it is that once you’ve got these gloves on, you can really begin to put a finger into her anus and after you’ve massaged her and you’ve gotten her warmed up, you can get a finger in and just slowly, relaxingly allow her to adjust until she’s ready to have more and more of your finger, and then whenever she’s ready, if she’s ready, and if she’s not, you can try again later, she can try to if you hold your penis with the condom on it and you’ve got a lot of lube everywhere, you can have her guide herself down on your penis and just put the tip in, until she’s totally relaxed, and she might want to take it further. For some women, that anal pleasuring feels so incredible, it’s almost overwhelming at first. It’s not pain, it’s just almost more pleasure than they’ve ever had, and so what you’re really wanting to do is just slow everything down. Just reassurance, relaxation, and slowness, with no pressure to go anywhere or do anything that she isn’t drawn to do, that doesn’t feel really good to her. You’re there supporting her and loving her, that’s the way to get everything started.


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