Cowgirl Sex Position with Triple Stimulation

The cowgirl sex position has always been a favorite, and I call this particular one Headboard Daddy.

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A Cowgirl with TRIPLE Stimulation

Of course, guys love it when a woman climbs on top and goes for a ride. With the “Headboard Daddy” Triple Stimulation technique, make that next “mount” the ride of her life!

Honestly? Cowgirl is always a favorite because—let’s face it—we women like to be in control. When we’re on top, we get to control the pace. We decide how deep that thrust goes inside. We choose when to kiss and when to sit back and smile down at you. It’s especially nice to ride Big Daddy and look in your eyes. And when you play with our breasts…. Ahhh…. Pure pleasure.

But here’s the deal, and what a lot of women won’t tell a guy is… we actually don’t want to be in total control. We still want to be “taken” by a man. Loved up and played with… driven WILD with pleasure.

And a guy knows how to talk sexy without being “dirty” AND who can give us that sense of connection we crave from sex, too? Hallelujah! Come to papa! And come on papa… again and again, and again.

Sure, guys like to sit back and watch and enjoy an eyeful of a woman’s body, but “Headboard Daddy” does lots more than just watch.

So if you’re the guy, use your masculine mojo to triple the fun make sure she gets what she needs most… that sense of connection.

And if you’re the “cowgirl,” explain how this sex position works to your guy and give him lots of positive feedback when he does a great job.

Triple the fun with Susan’s hot sex tip; turn the Cowgirl position into a wild ride!

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The Cowgirl Sex Position with Triple Stimulation

Yeehaw! This is the cowgirl sex position. I am your trusted hot sex adviser, Susan Bratton, and I am dressed up in a fire chief outfit. This is the Seven Stimulating Sex Positions series.

Thank god I can remember all those esses! The cowgirl sex position is always a favorite, and I call this particular one Headboard Daddy. A great thing about this position is there’s an equal amount of polarity. She rides him, but she’s in control. He gets to do all kinds of things that make her feel great.

It is a triple stimulation sex position because you’re sitting against the back of the bed, and she’s straddling, riding, and facing you.

As the guy, you get to play with her breasts. She gets to kiss you and get all that great stimulation in her vulva, clitoris, G area, and perineal sponge. All the sweet spots get played with, which is fantastic.

Here’s how you set up the cowgirl sex position with triple stimulation. I call this my Headboard Daddy sex position.


That’s my nickname for it because it’s a girl-on-top-of-guy, fun, very erotic experience. He will sit up straight, almost perpendicular, so that his back is against the headboard.

You can support his back with pillows to make him comfortable. She’s facing him, lowering herself down on his lap and his penis and in whatever way is comfortable for her.

Depending on the length of her legs and torso, she controls the movement on his penis. At the same time, because he’s facing her, they can make out. He can play with her breasts, stroke her body, and tell her how beautiful and sexy she is.

She can tell him how much he turns her on, so it’s a very close, intimate, and multiple-point stimulating sex position. It’s straightforward for almost any couple to do.

She controls the thrusts, which also makes this pleasant for her. This position is excellent even if they’re in a sensitive mood and want to take it slow or if they’re going to go crazy and get off.

What’s nice is when you’re not making out, you can give her encouragement and appreciation. I call it sensual observation, a kind of dirty talk but not dirty.


It’s more like, “You look so hot, baby. You’re so gorgeous. I love your breasts. I love the feel of you on me. You’re so sexy. You feel so good. I love being inside you.”

She can say, “God, you feel so great. I’ve wanted this all day, and you’re my man. I love you so much, and, oh baby, you make me feel so good.”

I love that this position has terrific eye contact. Many people need to be seen and connect and have eye-to-eye appreciation and connection.

The Headboard Daddy is a clear winner. I hope you’ll try it and post it in the comments about your favorite thing about this position.


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