Susan’s Skinspiration Protocol and #SelfCareDownThere

Susan Bratton’s Most Recommended Sexual Biohacking Tools; Her “Skinspiraton Protocol” Items and Product Links for “His and Hers #SelfCareDownThere.”

The Cream colostrum facial moisturizer

Luvele Yogurt Maker

BioGaia Lactobacillus reuterii for the yogurt culture

Organixx Collagen for smoothie

Green Vibrance Super Greens powder for smoothie

Spirulina and Chlorella powder for smoothie

Organic Flax Seeds for smoothie

Grinder for flax seeds and BioGaia L. reuterii pills

Hyaluronic Acid – High Molecular Weight for Joints – Lubricyn

Hyaluronic Acid – Low Molecular Weight for Skin – Neocell

IS Clinical 50 spf sunblock

Mango Butter

Seeking Health Vitamin D3 + K2 and Vitamin A

Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil, Pro DHA Memory, ProDHA1000, ProOmega COQ10, Omega Focus, ProOmega 2000

Digestive Enzymes with Ox Bile for Gallbladder Support

Dr. Wade’s Organics Vitamin E + Selenium

Fraxel Laser Skin Rejuvenation

CBD+THC Facial Cream (check your local dispensaries)

BOOST, DRIVE, DESIRE libido vitamin mineral daily supplement (Use Promo Code SUSAN for 10% off)

FLOW organic Nitric Oxide supplement for increased vaginal lubrication and orgasmic intensity

DUTCH+ Ultimate Hormone Test

Bi-Est Bio-Identical Combination of estriol 80% and estradiol 20% Hormone Replacement Compounded in Shea Butter (You will need your doctor to write you this prescription. Functional doctors do this for a living.

LadyBi from Fun Factory Solo-pleasuring dual vibrator

VFit at-home vaginal restoration device

Avocado Butter 

Hobe Avocado Oil (best lube)

Sweet Almond Oil (also a great lube)

Kathy’s Healing Lotion

Garden of Life Raw Women’s Probiotics

Yeast Arrest 

Douche Bottle

Magnascent Nascent Iodine


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