How To Spice Up Your Sex Life

I’m Susan Bratton, hot sex adviser to millions, and here’s a primer on how to spice up your sex life.

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I’m Susan Bratton, hot sex adviser to millions, who gets the lucky task of being the Dear Abby of sex. I love to help people learn how to have passionate lovemaking. I teach people bedroom communication skills, and the third leg of that stool is all-important because without your sexual health it’s hard to have sex. 

The fourth is understanding and studying sex techniques because we can understand, without any training, how to make a baby. We can understand how slot A goes into a point B, but we don’t have hundreds of oral pleasuring maneuvers, ways to move our penis in a vagina and get her clitoral structure fully engorged. Sex techniques are a learned skill, a gift that keeps on giving. They will stay with you forever and keep you company with your woman in a warm, cozy bed.

The best way to learn sex techniques is to get your partner involved in the delicious process. Watch videos and read up on new techniques together. You can even watch other couples demonstrate them right in front of you two!

Once you start learning together, you can rekindle your sex life. 

I wanted to let you know I have a lot more resources about this topic in the links associated with this video. Click on them now.

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