Penis Enlargement Growth System

I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions, here today to talk to you about vacuum erection devices that include vulva pumps, clitoral pumps, nipple pumps and head enlargers.

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  1. Hey Susan
    One question i have been doing the penis enlargement exercise for the past two years now and I gained three inches in length and about two inches in girth but guess what happened now auntie Susan I’m unavailable to achieve an erection if and when I even do get one it is so soft and it only lasts for about two minutes so please can you tell me how can I get back my hard tough erection

    1. What penis enlargement exercises are you doing? It sounds like you hurt yourself jelquing, which is why I don’t recommend it. You pulled on your penis too hard and damaged yourself. Try a series of GAINSWave treatments with a P Shot after going to a urologist and ruling out other issues such as problems from diabetes or heart disease.

  2. I really really really need help. I have been with the love of my life and mother of my children for 20 years since I was 15 and she was 14. We are now 35 and 34 and my small pathetic penis has almost ruined our relationship numerous times. I would give anything for it to grow so I could make love to her like a real man and make her happy for once so please please help me Susan please. I know I sound pathetic and it’s not your problem but I’m desperate and have a low budget due to my broke back and our three daughters. Please help me if you can.

    1. Dear Jeremy,
      I’d recommend you use the Whopper penis pump to enlarge your penis. It has two chambers which improve both length and girth. Measure your penis and email Kaplan Care They will help you assemble the least expensive, most effective, correctly sized unit and lowest cost shipping option. This will improve your length and girth and make you feel more confident.

  3. Good evening! My fiance started using penis pump few months ago, even though he is more than big for me. It took me some time to adjust to his size, when we first started dating, and now I am trying to adjust to even more. I guess that’s something he wants, even though I don’t understand why and for what reason he decided to grow his huge penis even bigger. How would you approach this situation and what would you tell him, to ask him to stop pumping it? Thank you!

    1. Hi Christina,
      Some men love giant boobs, others are enthralled by having an enormous penis. Often the guys most well-endowed want to be even bigger.

      Are there any specific reasons why you want him to stop? The adjustment to a larger penis happens pretty easily over time as he grows. The vagina is a super stretchy muscle big enough to fit a baby’s head through. So as long as you are warmed up, engorged, and have healthy vaginal tissue, you should be able to accommodate his girth, even if his length feels too long. For that, I recommend these OhNut bumpers. They are standoffs that go around the base of his penis so he can’t poke you too deeply.

      People do all sorts of body manipulation — piercings, tattoos, breast enlargement, plastic surgery, labiaplasty — penis enlargement is a healthy designer body pursuit that will keep his penis working well as he ages. I don’t see any downsides unless you feel it’s bordering on body dysmorphia.

      I’d support him in his desire to have a sea monster in his pants unless it’s physically uncomfortable. This is “his thing.” Pumping for enlargement makes him happy. And you appreciating his growth and worshipping his penis will make him very happy. Here is a video on Penis Praise you might enjoy, along with my book, Dirty Talk with new ways of telling him gorgeous his cock is.

      1. Good day Susan!

        I followed you advice, and you were right. At the time when I messaged you last year, we’d been together with Alex for a little over a month, got engaged quick, cause we knew each other since we were kids. And back then we’d only had sex about 30 times, and I always needed long warm ups, with him going down on me, so his large penis could get in. I wasn’t sure if he’d get tired of eating me out, so I told him about it. He actually loves eating me out, and I’m not gonna lie, he can do it so well. He always makes me orgasm with cunilingus, and then he slowly at first, slides his penis in, and it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had. I still struggle sometime to get him in, cause he’s thick (6.5″ circum.), and long (8.5″) but with your advise we purchased OhNut bumper, and it works amazing. Are there any exercises I can do, to make my vagina a little less tight? Thank you!
        PS: Where is “Penis Praise” video you recommended? I found videos called “big cock worshiping” all over the internet, are those the ones you recommended? Where would be easier to contact you? Over here it takes time to get a response. I’m sorry if I seem inpatient, I just want to always be ready for sex with him, and not have to wait days to rejuvenate after every time we make love. Thank you !

        1. Hi Christina,

          Glad you are having so much fun with your guy.
          Teach him how to massage your entire female genital system outside and in so that it gets a lot of blood flow. These Yoni Massage and Fingering videos will help you. Watch them together:

          This manual massage will help engorge your genitals much better than just oral pleasuring and make it easier for you to accommodate his large penis inside you.

          Over time, you will begin to enjoy having him all inside you. It just takes time. Luckily the practicing is fun!

          Glad you liked the OhNuts.

          Here are some more videos for you to watch:

    2. Hi Susan,
      I am 53 and have been pumping for 1.5 years with different pumps but can’t quite seem to reach my goal. I purchased the Phoenix, Whopper, and stretching traction device. I would like to try them to see if I can get over the hump. If I was to use all 3 devices for the next 3 months, what sort of program would you recommend? Is it okay to use all 3 devices on the same day every other day with a day off in between usage?
      Thank you,

      1. Hi DeCurl,
        Yes, you can layer or stack the home shockwave device with pumping and traction. Page 49 of my Pump Guide includes these instructions. But basically, you use the Phoenix, then use the DEEP traction device for 30 minutes, then pump at the end and trap the blood in your penis for a half hour. Don’t ejaculate after.

  4. Question on the program Susan, if I go 2-3 consecutive days without pumping (traveling), does that mean I pump for two consecutive days when return or do I still stick to the every other day regimen? Thanks in advance!

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