How Men Vs Women Like To Have Sex

Get “The Sexual Soulmate Pact.” This technique from my #1 best seller, Sexual Soulmates is my gift to you. You’re lover will be OVER THE MOON when you use this two-word phrase that IGNITES HOT, PASSIONATE LOVEMAKING.

OK. Men and women… Totally different animals. Why? Because we have a different dominant sex hormone that drives us to behave in totally different ways.

Men are driven by Testosterone and women by Estrogen, which means what women are after is very different than what’s on a man’s mind… and in his loins.

Here’s a BIG one. Men like immediate genital touching, whereas women like their whole bodies touched starting from the extremities and slowly moving toward their genitals.

Holding and cuddling a woman allows her to relax and connect so her arousal can climb. A lot of a woman’s turn on is in her brain, so greater emotional connection increases her orgasmic satisfaction.

Watch my companion video, The Bullseye Touch Technique and I’ll give you a lot more specifics on how to touch a woman the way she really needs it to get fully turned on.

Testosterone also drives men to give their sexual partner incredible pleasure. Because they are biologically programed to compete for the chance to have sex with women, they know they need to satisfy her to get invited back for more sex.

Ladies, this is really important. The best way to make a man a better lover is to admire him for each and everything he does that makes you feel good during a lovemaking session.

But here’s the rub: Women need to be emotionally ready in order to achieve an orgasm. If she isn’t feeling safe, if the sex is rushed, if he isn’t meeting her other needs, if she’s mad at him, she will not be emotionally ready and therefore won’t be able to achieve her orgasmic potential.

If you are mad at him, some unmet desire is likely causing the emotion. Women get bitchy when they are horny and their man isn’t giving them the attention and orgasms they crave.

Men turn emotionally cold and aloof when they are starved for the sex they need. Frequency is important to men. And multiple studies have proven that 3X a week is the optimal frequency for both partners according to the excellent book, Sexy Brain:

Because women are Estrogen-dominant, and Estrogen is a cyclical hormone, each time a woman makes love, she’s in a different sexual mood. Sometimes she’s a tiger, sometimes she’s a kitten.

Giving him clues to on how pleasure her TODAY is just as vital as letting him know he’s doing a good job. I call these are super important bedroom communications skills “The Sexual Soulmate Pact.” In fact, I’d go so far as to say this is the MOST important bit of sex advice you’ll ever hear. I so want you to have this skill, that I’m giving it away totally free.

His Testosterone keeps him steady and focused. He is her rock, her stability. She is his excitement and femininity.

Women also prefer men who smell good to them both by being clean and groomed as well as through the natural pheromones that signal him as a genetically viable mate.

Estrogen also makes women crave the stability of maleness from his Testosterone. Though she is the more empathetic sex, it also makes her the more worried sex. One of the ways women worry is about their body image.

Men are more visual where women are more auditory.

He wants to see her naked body, to get his hands on her soft flesh.

It’s the woman’s role to help the man be successful in bed. Instead of expecting him to know what he’s doing, expect that he needs guidance because of your changeable feminine nature.

While she needs to hear that she is loved and adored as well as how sexy she is.

She needs to be verbally guided through lovemaking in a way that is not dirty talk, but more of a stream of appreciations.

Just as women need to hear verbal appreciations, men like to have their equipment worshipped. Oral pleasure is very important to men. Though penis in vagina sex is most men’s favorite sexual act, oral pleasuring is one millionth of a percentage slightly lower on the pecking order. Suffice to say that if you look up at him while his penis is in your mouth, he will feel very met and appreciated sexually.

Overall, women need to be slowly opened and aroused where men are more often just ready to go. Slowing way down and enjoying touch, kissing, eye contact, sweet words together will pay off in more pleasure for both lovers.

I want to “Thank you” for taking the time to watch my videos.

That’s why I’m giving you one of my most powerful techniques for FREE! It’s called, “The Sexual Soulmate Pact” and it’s all about the two-word phrase that IGNITES HOT, PASSIONATE LOVEMAKING.

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  1. Suze, love you but you are using that horrid “dominate” word again, that men should dominate women in bed. Child abusers dominate their prey too. I am sure some of your male readers will salivate over that idea so they can take away women’s power. Here is the dictionary definition: ” To control, govern, or rule by superior authority or power. To exert a supreme, guiding influence on or over.” This means one partner is superior to the other and controls the “submissive” one, who has no choice. It is synonymous with abuse. Do you really want to make women submissive to men, as has been done the past 3000 years filled with rape and abuse for women like yourself…. or is there a better, more evolved way to verbalize and understand this? What about male “leadership”? Women do like alpha males but making anyone dependent on an “authoritative” figure is a license for abuse. There is a checks and balance system between men and women which domination obliterates . We are equal and complementary, and there are ways in which women are stronger and superior to men, you know. We don’t need to give our power away. FYI, it is the female lions who allow a male lion to enter their pride. Is is their choice because the cubs are their offspring. She fights and tests him to see if he is strong enough.