Susan discussed regenerative therapies like GAINSWave, which uses acoustic shockwaves applied externally to stimulate new tissue growth and improve blood flow in the genital area for both men and women. She mentioned using it along with vacuum pumps/penis pumps to enhance erectile function and clitoral engorgement as one ages. Her main point was touting the benefits of combining GAINSWave therapy with pumping devices to promote revascularization and counter atrophy in the genital tissues.

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Susan: [00:00:00] I like regenerative therapies and I got into regenerative therapies because of GAINSWave and penis pumping.

Jay: Interesting.

Susan: So, GAINSWave is acoustic wave, shock wave technology that is applied to the penis, and to the vulva, and vagina.

It doesn’t go up inside. It’s just all done on the outside. They wave this wand with these acoustic waves and it stimulates new tissue growth. You go in for six sessions and it stimulates growth. It reverses atrophy. It gets the vascularization growing back again, and then that brings the nerves back again too.

So you have a really, really nice firm erection as you age and it pairs with the penis pump, the whopper, the vacuum erection device. You use them together and they work synergistically to increase the blood carrying capacity of your penis, and your vulva. There’s vulva pumps. There’s lady [00:01:00] pumps too. You can pump your vulva.

You can pump your clitoris. I have a meaty clit.

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