When To Have The Safe Sex Talk

It’s all about how to TURN ON YOUR LOVER’S DEEPEST SEXUAL FANTASIES. Read on to learn when to have the safe sex talk.

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So, When should you have the Safe Sex Talk?

Instead of feeling like you’ve gone all medical on a prospective lover… or you’re giving them the third degree about their sexual history… you might find it easier to drip these questions out casually over time.

Or you can sit down and have a heart-to-heart sex talk and get it all out of the way.

Watch my video HOW To Have The Safe Sex Talk to get the 8 questions to discuss with a prospective sex partner.

Some people worry they’ll seem presumptuous by asking a prospective partner when they last had STD tests. But really, it’s a sign of maturity and self-worth.

If you’ve never done this before, that’s OK! Just explain to your partner that it’s your first time, and you may need help figuring everything out. Enroll them in learning with you.

Most people push back out of fear or ignorance. Just see it as a knee-jerk, automatic reaction, take a deep breath, and make it clear that you will not be going beyond kissing and fondling until you have had “The Talk.”

Have the 8 Safe Sex Talk questions handy so that you can refer to them anytime. I’ve posted a link to them in the notes below this video so you can easily cut and paste them or even have them right there on your phone.

Please also watch the Safe Sex Talk and Which STD Tests To Get videos I’ve made for you.

And thumbs up this video so others will find it more easily, and we can all spread the word on safe sex talks.


Here’s the deal. The last thing you want to do is wait until your clothes are off and you’re dying to get it on to talk about safe sex. You’ll skip important information that could be the difference between an amazing sexual experience and a life-long virus that plagues your body and keeps you from enjoying sex with more people.

If you’re a man, initiating the safe sex conversation is a sign of masculine sexual leadership, as is carrying your own condoms.

Asking her about her boundaries creates a safe environment where she can surrender to her pleasure.

By “boundaries,” I mean anything off-limits during sex. It could be anything… An area of her body to avoid, a specific kind of stimulation she doesn’t like, what you both need privacy-wise. Make the conversation about both your boundaries AND your desires. This will give your sexual connection a framework so you are both more comfortable, which means you can get even more turned on.

If you’re a woman, carry a selection of condoms with you and insist that he wear one. By carrying multiple sizes, you’ll ensure a good fit, so he feels the pleasure too. And be sure to carry your own favorite lube, so you are always comfortable. Especially important if you like organic, natural stuff.


The truth is that we homo sapiens love to have sex. And having many partners can be exciting, fulfilling, and actually mature us as human beings.

There is no one-right-way to approach Safe Sex Talk. It must be done, however. And the most mature, careful people know that keeping everyone safe from infections and understanding each other’s boundaries is the path to the most pleasure.


Even when you think your lover is shy or conservative. Even when YOU are the shy one, these techniques unleash your most hidden cravings, guilty sexual pleasures, and naughty thoughts so you both can safely and sensually satisfy them all.

We all have our deep, hot sexual fantasies, and the techniques I personally teach you in the video will help you fulfill all your hot, wild, carnal desires.

Until we connect again, Stay Safe!

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