Which STD Tests To Get

How do you know which STD tests to get?

Today I’m your naughty nurse, sharing How To AVOID 20 Sexually Transmitted Infections.

OK. How do you avoid getting STIs?

People are hooking up like crazy! It’s like “sport sexing” out there right now.

The perfect storm of global travel, sexual emancipation, and online dating apps has given everyone access to more and more sexual partners. And that means rampant outbreaks of infectious syphilis and what’s being called “Super-gonorrhea.”

And Yucky HPV or human papillomavirus aka WARTS is the most common STI. Watch my Safe Sex Talk video to learn more about HPV vaccinations.

I’m a proponent of having great sex with as many partners as you want. As long as you do it safely. When you get regular STD tests and have the Safe Sex Talk, you can increase your odds considerably for avoiding sexually transmitted infections.

More than ever, the responsibility lies with YOU to be knowledgeable and proactive in protecting your mind, body, and spirit.

You call the shots!

So, which tests should you get?

  • A Complete STI Panel Includes:
  • HIV (blood test often with immediate results)
  • Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia (urine test)
  • Herpes: HSV 1 & 2 (blood test)
  • There are three kinds of Hepatitis: A, B & C. I recommend that you get Hepatitis vaccinations. You can vaccinate yourself for A and B. There is no C vaccine. If you get tested after you’ve been vaccinated for A & B, you’ll test positive because you have the antibodies.
  • Trichomoniasis (urine test)

Note: There is talk in the STD testing community that Lyme Disease may also be sexually transmitted. A bacterium called a spirochete, closely related to the spirochete that causes syphilis causes Lyme disease.

This has not yet had proper research applied to it, and definitive information may take years. If you want to be ultra-safe (and why wouldn’t you), it’s also important to test whether a prospective partner has Lyme Disease. If you have Lyme, get informed.

Unless you are in a monogamous relationship, getting frequent STD tests will keep you and your partners safe from passing diseases to each other.

The incubation periods for many STDs can be several weeks or months.

I recommend that you use condoms or abstain from oral sex and intercourse for 4-12 weeks depending on which tests you choose if you had unprotected sex with a partner who might have been infected.

Bottom line: If you’re going to have wet sex with a new partner, abstain from putting your mouths on each others’ genitals and do not have genital to genital contact until you both get the above tests and exchange current paperwork. And READ the paperwork.

Even if a woman is on the pill or an IUD, she will still need to use barrier methods (condoms, dams) to protect herself from STDs unless you’ve both been tested and agree to exchange fluids.

It is your responsibility to know if you have any STDs or viral infections before making love to another human being.

Keep your tests up to date.

Make sure your lovers test themselves regularly.

Set a good example of integrity and share this knowledge with your lovers so they can spread the word on safe sex instead of spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

One final important note: I talked to the Teen Specialist at Planned Parenthood last week and he told me that Syphilis and Teen Pregnancy are on the RISE, worse than ever. I ask him why. He said it because of social media. In the “old days” kids didn’t have as much access to each other. Now they Snapchat and text incessantly and can have a wider circle of “closer” friends, which results in more hookups.

With nearly half of all high school kids sexually active and the numbers growing, if you have a teen, make sure to get them tested and protected too. Educate yourself, your lovers, your friends, and the teens and young adults in your life.

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