Come Together Live Event

If you are an event organizer or simply looking for some entertainment for a business function, choosing the type of live event can be the difference between creating a real impression or having a mediocre event.

When To Have The Safe Sex Talk

It’s all about how to TURN ON YOUR LOVER’S DEEPEST SEXUAL FANTASIES. Read on to learn when to have the safe sex talk. Click HERE to watch your free FANTASY SEX video tonight WHEN TO HAVE THE SAFE SEX TALK So, When should you have the Safe Sex Talk? Instead of feeling like you’ve gone […]

The Hidden Risks Of The Quickie

Here in my video with relationship expert John Gray we talk about different kinds of lovemaking. There are three kinds of sex: The Quickie, Home Cooked and Gourmet. I personally think life should always be gourmet sex, but I know sometimes the quickie can serve a purpose. But WATCH OUT for the problems that come […]