The Susan Bratton Show: Vaginal Dryness Causes and Treatments

Welcome to the Susan Bratton Show! Today I’m the hot mama magician, and I will talk about vaginal dryness. I’ll also answer three readers’ letters, Betty, Mara, and Warren.

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Betty says, “I have a huge problem. I’ve been a widow for 11 years, and it’s been over 20 years since I’ve had sex. My late husband was impotent from medications and became sick. I’m now engaged to marry an outstanding army retiree who is returning to the States this week. I’m 74 years old, and to put it bluntly, I’m horny. (Woohoo, Betty!) 

But my body has betrayed me. I have vaginal dryness and am tight. I haven’t been able to discuss this with my guy. His rank in the army prevented intimate conversations, but he’s as anxious as I am. I’ve been on a blood thinner for many years. My OBGYN refused to give me hormone replacement therapy. Instead, she said to use coconut oil. How? I don’t have the slightest idea how to approach this situation. Once upon a time, I was too wet. The fountain has dried up. Vaginal dryness has been my nemesis. Please help me. Love, Betty.”

Betty, we got answers for you. Don’t you worry? I am the magic hot mama magician. 


#1 Let’s get you lubricated. At this point, since he’s coming home, I want you to throw everything at it. The first thing that I would do is look at a cream with DHEA. DHEA is excellent. I would go back to the OBGYN and ask for a prescription for estrogen cream to put inside your vagina. I wouldn’t go back to your Ob/GYN. I’d get a new one. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement is very safe, as far as I understand. Remember, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on television. I’m unaware of any contraindications to taking bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I want your OBGYN to show you the data before she dismisses you because what I hear from women is, “My doctor just said get over yourself. No, I’m not going to give you hormones,” and that’s unacceptable. 

Here is my free hormone balancing ebook. It allows you to learn about what hormone tests you need to tell your doctor to order. For example, you need a four-point dried urine test called a Dutch test. 

#2 Get yourself hormones, estrogen in your vagina and get organic coconut oil or organic avocado oil. 

I want you to start masturbating because you must move your tissues again. Hydrate and use lots of oil in addition to DHEA and estrogen cream. 

Suppose you can get your doctor to prescribe oxytocin cream for your vagina. It fluffs up the tissue. 


Then, get a vibrator such as the Lady Bi from Fun Factory. It’s body-safe, it has a little, and it doesn’t go very deep. I like this vibrator because you can use the tip on your clitoral structure outside your body. It’s a Bi because; there are two motors in it. Over time, you can work this vibrator into your vaginal canal and slowly open and breathe into your vulva. Use lots of oil. Put coconut or avocado oil inside your vulva every single morning and night and try to rehydrate it. 

Take hyaluronic acid exogenously. Put collagen powder in your drinks or your morning smoothie. Take vitamin E. 600 units of mixed to-go for all vitamin E. 

Get a big bottle of pure cod liver oil, and take a tablespoon full every day. You’ve got to get your system pumped back up and get healthy fats into it. Eat lots of avocados, nuts, and seeds. Grind up a tablespoon of flax seeds every day and sprinkle it on your morning porridge or whatever you’re eating. Fill yourself up with healthy fats. Work on getting your hormones replaced.


Work on masturbating and giving yourself pleasure, and getting your lubrications going again. That will help you because slowly, you can work this toy into your vaginal opening a bit at a time, slow-slow-slow until you get the whole thing in. This piece lies against the clitoral structure and gives you orgasmic pleasure. The more you can masturbate, the more orgasms you can have, the faster you’ll get the juices flowing again. You want to feed your body from the inside. 

By the way, rub that oil all over your body too. It’ll seep in through your skin, but you’ll get yourself lubricated from the inside out. 

So, collagen, eating, and making your own L. reuteri. L. reuteri yogurt is delicious. Hyaluronic acid is vitamin E. Did I say cod liver oil? You will bomb your body with slippery stuff all the time. Take your time when your fiance shows up because he hasn’t had sex in a long time. He’s just as worried as you are. 

Take it easy, go slowly, give lots of genital massages to each other, make-outs, full-body massages, and kisses. Penetration will come but wait until you’re eager to have your man’s penis inside you. Have him enter you very slowly, and the minute it doesn’t feel good, take a break. It will happen. You will get juiced up again, and you will have a great time. Intercourse is not the be-all and end-all. It’s just one of the beautiful things about your couplehood. Mazel Tov! Congratulations on your nuptials. I send you much love, keep in touch with me and let me know how things are going. Love you lots! 

Next up, we have Warren. He’s 53. He’s been married 28 years to his 51-year-old wife, and he has a problem with oral sex.


“My wife and I wanted to do oral games, and I began to tease her with my tongue with soft, slow strokes. I licked over her vagina and lips from time to time. I also teased her clitoris. She got very aroused from this and other teasing-licking from me. Then, we stopped oral games, and we finished both in cowgirl style. It was a great night for us. 

The next day, she complained that her vagina and inner lips hurt. She described it as itching of the zone, similar to a bacterial infection you get after visiting public swimming pools. She didn’t consult any doctor, and the problem disappeared after some days. We are both healthy and use no condoms. I had a vasectomy many years ago. We need no further prevention, but unfortunately, she doesn’t like oral sex anymore because of this problem. Although she loves these games, do you know what caused the problem and how I can get her to enjoy oral games again? Is it vaginal dryness? Thank you for your answer and your great advice. Love, Warren.”

The first is she could have some vaginal microbiome issues. I like to use organic coconut oil in specific probiotics found in women’s vaginal probiotics. I buy a quality women’s sexual support probiotic, open up the capsule, pour in some coconut oil, and put it up inside my vagina. Get those good bacteria inside there. Stick them right in. 


The second is that if she has issues with her vaginal microbiome, it’s attached to her gut microbiome, which means that she needs to take probiotics. She could have food allergies or have taken some antibiotics that have messed up her gut. So, let’s get her stomach and vaginal microbiome in good shape. 

The other thing is that it probably irritated her as much to have your saliva. You could have bacteria in your mouth if you don’t regularly go to a dental hygienist and keep excellent oral care. Bacteria in your mouth could have transferred to her vagina. So, you want to make sure your teeth are in good shape. 


Use a polyurethane dental dam, not latex, because many people are allergic. Lick her with the barrier over her vulva so that there’s no transfer of spit. Put on nitrile gloves and coat them with coconut oil and apply it on her vulva. You can finger her at the same time you’re licking that dental dam. She won’t even be able to tell there’s no dam there, but she’ll have the safety and assurance that she won’t get another vaginal infection. So, a dental dam is a great way to protect her from that. 

Those are my ideas. I hope you have much fun with your cunnilingus and that your lover continues to ride you cowgirl-style. 

Next up, we have Mara. 


Mara says, “Thanks so much for all your funny and educational videos. I love watching, and I have a question. I’m 52. I’ve been in menopause for two years, and I have much vaginal pain during sex. I have vaginal dryness, lack of libido. You name it. I did the Mona Lisa treatments three times, and it helped a little, but I still have some pain during intercourse. The friction gets to me. I use a lot of lube, but I still have issues, so I need your help.

What can I do for the vaginal dryness and the friction? Which lube is the longest-lasting? What should I do to balance my hormones? Because I have pain, pain, discomfort, and burning. Help! I’m a fit person, but when it comes to sex, I don’t even want to try because of the pain. My husband has purchased a few toys to help me, and yes, I do get off with external help, but I cannot come with intercourse.

So, there are quite a few things here, and the first one is that if you’ve had three Mona Lisa treatments, it’s probably not enough. A Mona Lisa treatment uses a CO2 laser that resurfaces the vaginal mucosa inside your vagina. It brings the collagen back and creates micro-damage that helps thicken the tissue, which is excellent. Still, sometimes it takes more than three treatments. 


Number two. It would be best if you worked on your hormone balancing. So, there are many videos on my site about getting the proper tests, what hormones you should take, and different ways to take them. I recommend that you put estrogen inside your vagina. An estrogen cream in your vagina and a testosterone cream helps with sensation and pleasure. Take progesterone at night. Usually, that’s sublingual. You put it under your tongue before you go to bed. It’s essential to have a balance of hormones.

The lubes that I recommend are organic avocado and coconut oil. They’re body-safe, and you want to keep applying them very liberally. Put oil on your vulva in the morning and night, even if you’re not having sex. Refill yourself with your healthy fats. This is my advice. Do the Mona Lisa. Get your hormones balanced, apply the beneficial lube and see how all that comes together reduces the pain. 

I’ve also been exploring RF devices rather than CO2 devices. According to several doctors I’ve talked to, RF devices are devices like Viveve instead of Mona Lisa. They’re used to correct incontinence and help relieve vaginal pain from friction and loss of collagen from lack of estrogen. These RF devices go deeper into the tissue, and that seems to help reverse the pain over a more extended period, and they do a better job. 


Don’t give up. It took me five Mona Lisas plus hormone replacement to get rid of the pain from intercourse when I went through menopause. So, you have to keep at it. Get yourself going again, and you’ll be fine. Stand for your sex life. You can do it, and I look forward to hearing about the results. 

There you go. Those are my three: Mara, Betty, and Warren. Thank you so much, and I am the hot mama magician on this episode of My Lady Parts Hurt with the Susan Bratton Show. Thank you so much for watching, and I hope you learned how to cure vaginal dryness. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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