Lichen Sclerosus

I’m Susan Bratton and you may be wondering why I’m talking about Lichen Sclerosus. Well, there are so many things that affect people that keep you from having sexual intimacy and I’m pleased to introduce you to Dr. Charles Runels who has a protocol that is helping people with Lichen Sclerosis and I’d love for you to talk more about it.

We’ve published three papers and people have reached out to me because of our group and invited me into their closed Facebook groups, and between my patients and the stories I’m reading it’s heart-wrenching. I was reading a story on Facebook that someone posted about how she was holding her 12-year-old girl and was sobbing, rocking her, not really knowing what to tell her because the twelve-year-old girl has Lichen Sclerosus. Now if you don’t know that means that she’s bleeding and cracking and a prepubescent girl can sometimes have the labia minora literally just eaten away by the disease by the time they finished puberty. It’s really heart-wrenching and people talking about telling their husbands to get a girlfriend because they haven’t been able to have sex with her husband for six, seven, or eight years.

But the flip side of it is also wonderful. I mentioned I was interviewed by the one of the big magazines and so I was calling my patients with the reporter was sitting right there. I called a woman who had Lichen Sclerosus. She answered the phone and says, “We’ve had sex four times today. We’re at the beach,” and the reporter said “Well I bet your husband likes that, doesn’t he?” and she said “Yeah he’s very happy” and I said “How long have you guys been married?” She said “40-42 years” I think it was. I said “No, How long had it been without sex?” It was six or seven years in that neighborhood. I said I’ve noticed when people have married that long, it gets to be like your body is their body and my body is her body, and the husband is not sad because he can’t have sex; he’s sad because his wife feels broken. I said “Was that that way with your husband?” and she got real quiet and the other end and we could hear her starting to cry, and she said it was exactly like that with her husband. He felt broken because I was broken and now he’s so happy and we’re having sex here at the beach making up for lost time. So anyway that’s what’s possible with our procedure?

So explain your procedure.

We call it the O Shot, which is unfortunate because I had one woman say I don’t want my twelve-year-old to have a shot named O Shot for Orgasm Shot. Let’s call it the Orchid Shot then I say. Basically we happen to discover, even though I thought it up by using platelet-rich plasma like the athletes used to rejuvenate tissue, to rejuvenate the tissue of the vagina, help with orgasm, by accident we discovered it helped with Lichen Sclerosis too, and we’ve done three research papers showing that you can actually draw blood at the bedside, take the platelets out in a painless way and then re-inject it into that tissue and it regulates autoimmune response with no steroids. They’re usually good for at least a year on no medicine. The problem with the present treatments using steroids, which isn’t talked about much, is that does not decrease that 10% risk of getting squamous cell carcinoma. Not only do you have the inconvenience of using that steroid cream every day, you’re also still living with that risk of the 10% chance of squamous cell carcinoma. And the steroids down-regulates the autoimmune response. We’re not sure what that does with the viruses that can live in the genitalia but with our platelet-rich plasma you don’t have to use the steroids when it works, which is most the time, and it’s up-regulating that all the memories of the immune response. So you’re less likely to have the viral problems.

Are the viral problems herpes and HPV?

Actually we’ve had patients who report fewer outbreaks after using the plasma which makes sense because an O Shot enhances the immune response which would help keep the viruses back. Now we haven’t done the study but anecdotally that’s what we’re seeing. Unfortunately, there’s no big drug company. You can’t patent your blood.

Thank you so much. I love that it started out as Orgasm and now you’ve helped with the Priapus shot, with erectile dysfunction and now you’re also knocking off so many other issues and continents that women have, the Lichen Sclerosus and painful intercourse. There’s so many things that you’re doing and all from what’s inside you right now. The beauty of taking out your own blood and all those growth factors and injecting them into the site of wounds or problem areas. I hope this has given you hope there might be something you can pursue. You can find Dr. Runels website at or “Is the O shot Or P Shot for you? Click here!



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