Vagina Parts

I’ll never forget the look of awe on his face when he spread my legs, looked at my vagina and said, “She’s so BEAUTIFUL!”

You’ve heard of The Vagina Monologues, yes? But I bet you’ve never heard a VULVA DIALOG like this one…

The more you know about female sexual anatomy the more those lady bits to start giving up their secrets.
That’s why I went into the studio with my darling friend Dr. Jolene Brighten —to have a frank discussion about a woman’s sexual anatomy.

My goal was simple: I want lovers to feel totally at home “down there.”

I want you to know the ins and outs of female genitalia. To sense and see their beauty.

Because when it comes to your shared pleasure, a woman’s private parts are perfectly designed to deliver full, deep orgasmic release… for both of you.

Simultaneous penetration orgasm is one of the most delicious experiences a couple can share. The pleasure is exquisite. The bonding profound.

If you and your lover have been missing out…

If you want to come together or reach climax within moments of each other…

If you want to lay the foundation for multiple orgasm…

You’ve got to get all her erectile tissue fully engorged.

That’s what a woman really needs…

And what so few lovers know how to do.

And if you want to binge watch Vagina Videos, here’s a playlist

Everything you always wanted to know… from pussy breathing to vagina massage… wetness… dryness… hormones… Orgasm Shots… clitoral erections… sexual healing… vagina pain… safe sex… It’s all here for you.

Your orgasms really can become more and more pleasurable throughout your life. Wherever you are right now in terms of sexual satisfaction, wherever you are on the gender spectrum and regardless of your age, sex can keep getting better if you stay sexually active. That’s the purpose of my Better Lover YouTube Channel. Subscribe here today. You’ll get all sorts of new information so you can continue developing your sexual skills and expanding your capacity to give and receive pleasure.


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