Stimulate Your Body’s Sensory Perception 4 Ways

The idea of the theta chamber is to take your focus off your conscious thoughts and on perception to offer your brain a reboot.

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I took a ride in Dr. Robyn Benson’s Theta Chamber while in Santa Fe.

It puts you in the Theta brainwave state — the same state as meditation and orgasm.


The idea of this technology is to take your brain’s focus off your conscious thoughts and attention to perception to offer a brain rebooting for those with addictions and brain chemistry issues like mood spectrum disorders. It can also be effective for chronic pain and stress reduction. The makers also say it helps with sexual dysfunction.


When Dr. Robyn and her assistant set up the system’s biomagnetic field, they select frequencies for your specific needs.

There are four main modalities:

Vestibular Motion — the spinning throws off your brain’s sense of time and space. It gives you a sense of floating, which relaxes you.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation CES — Electrodes are hooked to your ears, and the stimulation helps relax you. This is the main mode for addictions and mood disorders. It’s similar to the LENS technology I wrote about recently. LENS is Low Energy Neurofeedback Stimulation. I’m doing that treatment to help my brain heal from that TBI Traumatic Brain Injury I got in Russia.

Binaural Beats — You can entrain your brain’s two hemispheres through these synchronizing beats. This allows new neural pathways to form.

Visual Light Pattern Stimulation — Aligned with the Binaural Beats, the patterns of light induce a Theta state through your retina — one of the most mitochondrial-rich areas of your body.

All of these modalities help people take back the power of their own thoughts to achieve a healthy sense of mental well-being.

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