Clitoris Anatomy

See how the 3D clitoris goes inside her body. There’s so much more to a woman’s clitoris anatomy than meets the eye… that little button you see is just the beginning. This video is a MUST WATCH!

Especially worthy of the few minutes you’ll spend watching this episode, Dr. Jessica Drummond’s visual aid is a 3D model of the entire clitoral structure.

I’m a huge fan of a fully engorged clitoris. It’s the female equivalent of a man’s hard-on. Watch this video and be amazed. Maximizing a woman’s pleasure is easier than you think!

You’re about to discover the glories of the clitoris… the ins and outs and ups and downs of manual stimulation.

Your knowledge of anatomy will pay off in additional pleasure.

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I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor. Today, I’m with Dr. Jessica Drummond who runs the Women’s Integrative Health Center. We’re talking about the clitoris and clitoris anatomy. What and where is it, how do you find and stimulate it? We’re going to talk to you a bit about the female and clitoris anatomy, so you get comfortable knowing about the clitoris.


Hi Susan! It’s great to be here. I love to talk about the clitoris because there’s so much to it. Firstly, what is the clitoris? I have my little pelvic model of the clitoris anatomy here. This is as if a woman is lying on her back. Here’s the top, her pubic bone. This yellow button is the part of the clitoris that most people are familiar with. It’s the clitoral glans. But actually, the clitoris goes much deeper. It has a body, the crura legs, and it even has vestibular bulbs, several parts of which have erectile tissue. It’s essentially the female complement to the male penis. It’s located on the anterior side of the vagina. The vulva is the external part, and the vagina is the deeper tunnel part you can see. 


Everyone knows they can stimulate the clitoris, and they usually go for the glans, the part that sticks out, the tip, and the hood. You talked about the crura, the legs, and the bulbs. It looks like a little starfish. It has little arms, legs, and a little head. But how do you stimulate the entire clitoral tissue of the erectile structure? Because most people only play with the tip rather than get all the tissue engorged. Often, I explain to people that a man would never want to make love with a flaccid penis. He wants an erection. 

Yet, women and their partners don’t understand that it feels perfect when we get the entire clitoral tissue engorged or erect. It loves to be stimulated. So if you want to stimulate that entire tissue, what could you do with your hands and fingers to get the crura, bulbs, shaft, and not just the glans engorged? Right behind the clitoris is a bony structure. We have to be careful not to put too much pressure on the clitoral glans because it can push hard into the bone.


First, we must get the entire clitoral structure engorged. You can provide very gentle stimulation to the glans. And internally on the anterior side. What does anterior mean? It’s the top of the vaginal wall if we’re looking at it in this position—the roof of the cave. The vulvar lips are here. Behind that, at the roof of the cave, there is a lot of erectile tissue. We can take the time to allow it to engorge with blood. It’s easier for women if they have healthy, strong estrogen levels and their hormones are balanced. If their estrogen levels are low, getting engorged will take longer because the tissue is not as pliable. They are more fragile. It is important to balance your hormones first. 


Dr. Jessica Drummond has a ‘Three Steps To Natural Hormonal Balance’ webinar. It is important to understand how to keep your hormones in full natural working order. Estrogen is not only important for your general health and cognitive function but also for your sexual health. We often forget that there is also blood and nervous system flow in this area. See how there are layers of muscle, not superficial muscles. There’s an entire hammock of deep pelvic floor muscles that need to be strengthened and relaxed. 

If a woman is taking good care of her muscles and fascia system, you can apply gentle stimulation of the cave’s roof, clitoral glans, and even the clitoral body. Some women like light stimulation; other women, like to use the support of the bones behind for deeper, harder stimulation to have more pleasurable sex. It all depends on your unique vulva. Everyone is different, and you want to get to know your vulva. 


That was an excellent overview, and I love your model. It’s nice for people to see the clitoris and understand it’s more than the little part that sticks out. That’s the tip of the iceberg of pleasure. I also have a gift for you. It’s called Expanded Orgasm. It’s a very gentle clitoral stroking technique that brings a woman’s clitoral structure alive. I have three free pleasure reports in the link below. There’s Dr. Drummonds webinar on Hormonal Balance & 3 free clitoral stroking pleasure reports. That’s a mouthful! If you have any questions, you can post questions in the comments and share your experiences. Dr. Drummond and I will answer them. We’ll see you on the other side.

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