The G-Shot Is Dangerous, The O Shot® Procedure Is Safe

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser, and I am super-psyched to be with Dr. Charles Runels talking about the G Shot. Tell us about the G Shot because this sounds exciting.

There’s a G Shot, an O Shot and a P Shot, and I’m a big fan of Dr. Matlock who invented the G shot. Now the G shot and the O shot are sometimes confused with each other. I read an article this past week where they were made synonymous but they’re not and it’s really important that people understand the difference.

The G Shot came about in the 1990s and involved finding a person’s G Spot (although there isn’t a particular G Spot) or whatever spot happens to be the most sensitive that day and dabbing on something similar to Juvederm, like a facial filler or a hyaluronic acid filler. Something someone might put in their mouth or their cheeks to change the volume, like a HA filler and a sort of liquid collagen. By injecting it between the urethra and the outside tissue of the vagina, you’re making a little bump so every time the penis goes in and out, it pushes against that bump and the urethra, in theory making it more sensitive.

Why wouldn’t you just engorge the tissue? Why do you need to put a foreign object though it’s available?

We don’t anymore, but that was the best they had back then. That has been outlawed by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology because one in 40 women who had undergone the procedure had their urethra blocked and it had to be removed surgically because it prevented them from urinating. It can also cause granulomas, which are lumps that need be surgically removed because the body reacts to the foreign tissue, the foreign injection. It can be a really dangerous procedure that may cause infections and sometimes embolism. It was a great idea but the problem was it was too dangerous, and it was mechanical so the ACOG forbid it. That’s the G Shot.

My idea was instead of using an HA filler or Juvederm and trying to find a particular spot that may change from day-to-day, I used platelet-rich plasma which has never been associated with granulomas, serious infection or neoplasia in millions of injections all over the body. It’s coming from the person’s own body to rejuvenate tissue. You’re regrowing new blood flow, nerves, fibroblasts and collagen that the body is building itself. It’s not out of a syringe, it’s growth factors from the woman’s own body, having her body regrow itself and in very specific ways with no risk of granuloma. The G Shot was originally intended to make good sex better. We’re actually treating dysfunctions with this so we can heal scarring from big babies where there was tearing or inflammation from Lichen sclerosus. We can also bring new blood flow to the clitoris which helps arousal and orgasm. This can also help ease dysfunction which is why we’re promoting it although people with normal function can sometimes become really supercharged.

Don’t a lot of doctors put in a P Shot for incontinence, for bolstering tissue and holding up the bladder?

There are two studies and others on the way and we have seen phenomenal results in females with incontinence and mesh pain. Now if someone’s bladder is coming out, they need surgery. We’re seeing improvements with that as well because of the healing and anti-inflammatory effects. There’s so much that you can do with your own PRP from your own blood in your genital structure whether you call it regenerative medicine, vaginal rejuvenation or anti-aging or just good basic cell biology. We use the body’s own growth factors to help regrow new healthy cells that make the tissue feel like it was 10-15 years younger.

I’ve done two P Shots and I feel like I’ve rolled back the clock on my pleasure, increased my lubrication and generally gotten a much higher quality tissue in my vulva. I didn’t realize how much it had aged and now it’s back to feeling incredible.

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