Toxic Sex Toys with Nicole Harlow

Sex toys can add tremendous variety and pleasure to your erotic life… as long as the toys you use are safe.

For my new Penis Growth video series, I tried a “penis extender.” (see pic below) It fits OVER a man’s penis and has a vibrator built into the end of it and a clitoral “rabbit style” vibrator on top.

That night I had a fever and my vaginal canal was weeping and blistered. It took 10 days to recover from the phthalates the unregulated “novelty toy” Chinese manufacturer used in the plastic.

Some sex toys really are better than others. It pays to find out what to look for above and beyond sex toy shape and size before you shop.

In this video, Nicole Harlow of Girl Meets Body on YouTube and I talk about toxicity and safety, what to look for and avoid in a sex toy.

Just because the label says “latex free” doesn’t mean the toy isn’t full of chemicals that can harm your delicate genital tissue. My friend Serene Martinez who owns the high-end Pink Bunny sensual store in San Francisco sources ONLY latex and phthalate-free sex toys.

Phthalates are toxic chemicals added to plastics to soften them. Pthalates are thought to add to or cause asthma, ADHD, breast cancer, obesity and type II diabetes, low IQ, neurodevelopmental issues, behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorders, altered reproductive development and male fertility issues. Blech!

You’ll also learn everything you ever wanted to know about lubes but didn’t know to ask.

All lubes are not created equal. Get up to speed on what to use for sensual massage, when to use water-based lubes, which oils are best for oral sex, for manual, and for intercourse. It’s important to get the texture and viscosity “just right” for pleasurable sensation and, in turn, increased sexual responsiveness.

You’ll also hear Nicole talk about how she went from “junk food orgasms” to “gourmet orgasms.”

And you’ll hear me talk about refined clitoral sensation, the delicate touch and soft stroke that takes a woman into expanded orgasmic states where our orgasms can stack one on top of the other. Yeah baby. That’s how she likes it.

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