Period Sex with Nicole Harlow

Women are often amazed how HOT sex can be during their period. So why do so many of us hold back?

Three reasons:
* The mess.
* The gross-out factor.
* Conditioned shame.

In this video, you’ll get expert tips from Nicole Harlow and me that turn period sex into a non-issue. Or… better yet, that turn making love while she’s “on her moon” into a special turnon you both look forward to every month.

There are several advantages to making love while a woman is menstruating. To begin with, science tells us that period sex is actually healthy. In addition to the gentle interior massage we get during intercourse, lovemaking releases chemicals and neurotransmitters that can relieve cramps!

And there’s more…
waves of orgasmic pleasure are intensified…
unique sensations add variety…
the vulnerability opens you both to deeper intimacy…

But for me, the best part of period sex is beyond all that. It’s about the effect a woman can have on her partner when she wants it so badly, she doesn’t care about the mess.

We also talk about how to manage the cleanliness issue, make oral sex super yummy, avoid pregnancy, and take full advantage of the slippery viscosity of that natural lube!!

There’s no time like her “moon time” to have a ball!

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