Sexual Health Advice

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Semen Stimulates Sex

The good news is that there are some incredible testosterone loopholes for increasing your testosterone with sex! Is semen good for women? Get free audio and checklist called, The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date. Visit my Amazon store here: Testosterone is not just a man’s hormone. Women need it too for brain function and vitality. […]

How To Give A Woman A Clitoral Erection

Get “The Sexual Soulmate Pact.” This technique from my #1 best seller, Sexual Soulmates is my gift to you. Susan Bratton and Dr. Trevor Cates talk about female orgasms and how women can achieve clitoral orgasms. The #1 sexual desire for most men is frequent intercourse. A man wants to be inside his woman A […]

How To Expand Your Orgasmic Pleasure Map

Maximize the effectiveness of your vaginal and labia tightening procedures for more orgasmic pleasure. Read Vaginal Rejuvenation: Pre- and Post-Procedure Tips. ORGASMIC PLEASURE Hello! I’m Susan Bratton, and I want to talk about the O Shot procedure I had two weeks ago, in addition to the vaginal rejuvenation with Femilift and the Revive by Viora, […]

Oxytocin For Hot Sex

This other hormone — Oxytocin — that you generate yourself every time you receive sensual touch, look into your lover’s eyes, or have an orgasm — is often called The Cuddle Hormone. I’m giving you access to one of my most popular books called 30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic. HORMONES Human beings are, […]

Which STD Tests To Get

How do you know which STD tests to get? Today I’m your naughty nurse, sharing How To AVOID 20 Sexually Transmitted Infections. OK. How do you avoid getting STIs? People are hooking up like crazy! It’s like “sport sexing” out there right now. The perfect storm of global travel, sexual emancipation, and online dating apps […]

When To Have The Safe Sex Talk

It’s all about how to TURN ON YOUR LOVER’S DEEPEST SEXUAL FANTASIES. Read on to learn when to have the safe sex talk. Click HERE to watch your free FANTASY SEX video tonight WHEN TO HAVE THE SAFE SEX TALK So, When should you have the Safe Sex Talk? Instead of feeling like you’ve gone […]

How To Have The Safe Sex Talk

Here are 8 Safe Sex talk questions you can use to prevent unwanted sexually transmitted infections. With more people having more sex with more partners, knowing how and when to have the “safe sex talk” is vital to preventing heartbreak and outbreaks. Get your Free Download here ⇒ How To Be Instantly Hotter And Sexier […]

Natural Urinary Tract Infection Cure

This is a natural UTI cure that does not require antibiotics. All it takes is baking soda and water and coffee, along with a heating pad or hot water bottle. Here is the article with the protocol. Look for “Cure a UTI, Bladder Infection or Honeymoon Cystitis Yourself Without Antibiotics” Many women get urinary tract […]

Vaginal Wetness

I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions, and you’re here most likely because you don’t have enough vaginal wetness. You lack lubrication. It’s feeling fragile and even painful during intercourse. I want to let you know that I’m an expert on this, and there are many ways to increase your vaginal vitality. I […]

How To Know If You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

Contact Dr. Glenn Wilcox, Wise Medicine (505)771-4998 Telemedicine Appointments Available Here is my video series on penis pumps: In this fourth information-packed video, you’ll discover: The wise approach to HRT. (3:00) The truth about blood work. (3:30) How to get a 24-hour video of hormone production rather than a snapshot. (4:30) What you […]

Best Hormone Tests

We all need a combination of Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA, and Cortisol, as well as Thyroid. Read on to learn about the best hormone tests. As my gift, I’m giving you one of my most popular free downloads. It’s my book called “How To Be Instantly Hotter And Sexier In Bed.” Both men and women […]