How To Know If You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Here is my video series on penis pumps:

In this fourth information-packed video, you’ll discover:

The wise approach to HRT. (3:00)
The truth about blood work. (3:30)

How to get a 24-hour video of hormone production rather than a snapshot. (4:30)
What you can’t get from a blood test that is crucial for HRT decisions. (4:37)
What you need to know about estrogen metabolites to prevent cancer. (4:47)
The test most doctors don’t do that tells you if HRT is carcinogenic… Or not! (5:35)
The three kinds of estrogen and how to find out what’s really lacking. (5:38)
The most important follow-up once you’re on HRT. (6:00)
The “gold standard” of hormone level tests. (6:30)
Dr. Glen’s Guiding Principle in HRT. (7:08)

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