How To Expand Your Orgasmic Pleasure Map

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Hello! I’m Susan Bratton, and I want to talk about the O Shot procedure I had two weeks ago, in addition to the vaginal rejuvenation with Femilift and the Revive by Viora, which are more to do with the vagina and external labia.

I also had an Orgasm shot. Dr. Charles Runels and my nurse practitioner, Cheryl Schaaf, created this protocol. They took blood out of my arm, spun it in a special centrifuge, and got the plasma-rich platelets, which have your growth factor and healing compounds. She injected them into my clitoris and g-spot.

I have a video where you can see her injecting my vagina with those shots. Watch that if you want to. It’s not gross and didn’t hurt, which is fantastic. If you look at RealSelf calm, it has a 90% satisfaction rate, so the women getting it are happy, as am I.

It’s been two weeks since I had my first O Shot. It lasts six months to a year to increase your clitoral sensation.

I suffered head trauma in the video I spoke to you from Russia at the Red Square. So I haven’t had much time to have great sex because I’ve been plunging. I can tell you that the sex has felt good and I have experienced a more pleasurable clitoral sensation. I didn’t have a problem with that before, so it’s like shaving a couple of seconds off if you’re an Olympic gold medalist. Normally, I can come 20, 30, 40, or 50 times during a lovemaking session.


I can come from oral pleasuring, fingering, and intercourse. That was not always true. Even about 10 or 12 years ago, the only way I could come was with a vibrator or very direct fingering clitoral stimulation.

I’ve learned over the years how to come well in many different ways. Part of that is I’ve expanded my sensation and ability to feel things. I’ve created new neural pathways from my clitoral structure to my brain. I’ve spent more time making love and feeling sensations and getting better at expanding my orgasmic potential. No matter where you are in your orgasmic arc of pleasure, there’s always more. It’s learning all you can. Train your body to be better.

It’s more than muscle memory. It’s the neural synapses of the repetition of having orgasms and increasing your orgasmic potential and the understanding of your clitoral structure. The tip of your clitoris is the tip of the iceberg. There are the legs, vestibular bulbs, head, and shaft. Your clitoris is your penis.

There’s so much there that you can play with. If you’re only playing with the tip of your clitoris, you can have much more stimulation. I like the O Shot because you get it in the clitoris and inside the entrance and the canal in the G area. The whole spongy area of the clitoris can absorb the platelet-rich plasma and pull it in.


All that tissue becomes regenerated. I’ve had a practice; I call it practice because it’s something my husband and I do twice a week or more if we have time, less if we’re busy.

We’ve been doing it for a dozen years. This expanded orgasm practice was the single most valuable thing I’ve ever done to become better at having orgasms and experience more orgasmic pleasure.

What many people do to their clitoris to have an orgasm is tighten it to try to focus the pleasure on their pussy which gives you an orgasm but not a great one. The second is most women only play with the tip of their clit rather than getting inside and stroking the g-spot. Many women don’t fully engorge their clitoris. So you’re not giving yourselves a clitoral hard-on.

A man wouldn’t want sex if he were flaccid. Yet women do it all the time by rushing intercourse using the tip of their clitoris and not spending time stroking the crura inside the vagina’s roof, the g-spot at the top of your canal around your clitoral hood, and the clitoral shaft.

Get that so that it pops out and you have a clitoral erection. Learn how to get your vulva and vestibular bulbs, the soft spongy landing pads that are your outer labia.


Get all those full of blood, swollen, erect, engorged. It’s a real benefit to help you have better orgasms. The O Shot engorges your clitoris with new tissue. If you combine those two, focus on your engorgement, and add the O Shot for new tissue growth in your clitoral structure, you’ve got a double-header. That’s a baseball term.

The expanded orgasm practice is a very light clitoral stroke technique. I talk about how many women like a vibrator on their clitoris tip and squeeze to have orgasms instead of opening up to their expanded orgasm.

Orgasm moves from that side of pressure, lots of vibration, and heavy stimulation to a very light touch. Your clit loves soft touch. Have you ever had an eyelash on your eyeball? When you take it off, you use that sweet little spot on the pad of your finger and get it off. That’s the touch I talk about.

Right up under the hood of your clitoris on the tip of your clit, the glans. Most women like it at two o’clock if your clit, noon slightly to the left under the hood of your clitoris. That’s where most nerve endings are toward the surface of the clitoral structure so you can get a feeling of sensation.

About 85-90 % of women are wired to have the number one sensation spot. Some women are on the other side at 11 o’clock. You must practice and see what works best for you and where you’re the most sensitive. You can do this to yourself, but it’s great to have a partner who can help you learn to have an expanded orgasm practice.

Train your clitoris to feel the lightest strokes. You can also do this with oral sex. Have your lover put their tongue under the hood and lightly rub that clitoris. Get yourself engorged. When I first got into my business as a trusted hot sex adviser to millions and published passionate lovemaking techniques, one of the very first programs we came out with was called Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, an expanded orgasm.


If you’ve ever heard of orgasmic meditation, this is something that they teach. We teach this in an online course called Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. You can go to

It’s a series of manual stroke techniques on a woman’s clitoris that allow you to go into an orgasm that you can get in that moment of climax. You can stretch that moment of climax out over time.

You’re just right at that perfect moment of coming. Imagine if I could take that moment and make it last. You can with the expanded orgasm stroking techniques. The reason you can is you’re not fatiguing your clitoris. A vibrator blows your clit out. You can come once or twice, it depends. For most women, their clit becomes overly sensitive. Expanded orgasm mitigates clitoral sensitivity so that you can get into an expanded orgasm state, stretch the moment of climax like taffy and take a peaking break. Then go up again to even better orgasm and on and on.

I have come for over an hour straight using the expanded orgasm techniques. At first, it takes time to learn how to do it, but it’s possible. Every woman can do it no matter what clitoris you have. It makes your partner feel so good about putting you into this incredible level of experience.


I have a link here in this video. You’ll go to one of my websites for Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and get three free pleasure reports. The first one is an expanded orgasm. How is an expanded orgasm different from the climactic orgasm, which is what a man’s orgasm is.

We women have more orgasmic potential than men. But we’re stuck in this paradigm of having a climax and finish. You can do more to stretch out your orgasm and have stacks of more delicious orgasms. You get the first report for free: What is an expanded orgasm?

This is by my darling mentor, Dr. Patti Taylor, who wrote the program. It’s got audio-video ebooks, couple’s practice, and erotic playdates. It walks you through how to learn this yourself, so you get what an expanded orgasm is.


A few days later, you’ll get Touch for Rapture, teaching you the touch techniques required to stimulate your clitoris into this expanded orgasm practice. These are all free ebooks you’ll get via email from the US.

The third one is the power of peaking, which is how you manage your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, where you stack the stimulation in a way that allows you to keep feeling more orgasmic sensations. You’ll get those things for free and can expand your orgasm tonight anytime you want to learn the practice. We always answer all your questions. It’s good for couples. The expanded orgasm was the thing I did to finally have orgasms from intercourse, allowing me to become incredibly multi-orgasmic. My husband and I have shared the practice for the last 12 years, keeping us close and turned on. It has also kept my genitals in excellent working order. If that appeals to you, I can’t say enough good things about an expanded orgasm practice with your partner.

I also have a video with Tim where we explain our expanded orgasm practice. You can hear Tim’s perspective, see how we set the pillows, and learn a certain way you lay and specific stroking techniques.

You can learn more. If you have any questions about the O Shot, my experience with it, the clitoral structure, and expanded orgasm, feel free to post in the comments.


I highly recommend you enjoy O Shots and Expanded Orgasm because they are game-changers for your sex life. When your sex life is great, your whole life is great because your sex is your vitality and life force. You can channel great energy and feel young, beautiful, and awesome about yourself when you have a working clitoris.

I am sure I will report more about the O Shot and the rest of my vaginal rejuvenation experiences.

I’m Susan Bratton, and thank you for watching. Don’t forget to like it. Talk to you soon. I put together pre and post-procedure tips. They will maximize the effectiveness of the vaginal and labia tightening procedures, so you want these simple tools. They’ll make the process less painful so that you can heal rapidly.

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