My Vaginal Rejuvenation Outcome

Maximize the effectiveness of the vaginal and labia tightening procedures you’ve had, read my article called “Vaginal Rejuvenation: Pre- and Post-Procedure Tips

While on her way to appear on Good Morning Arizona, Susan recorded this update on her second round of vaginal rejuvenation procedures: Revive by Viora and Femi-Lift by Alma. In her tell-all video series, Susan shares everything about her experience. Listen to her review of Revive by Viora, the ultrasound treatment for the outer labia that tightens and lifts genital area and makes it look and feel like her genital system has been dialed back 25 years. It’s essentially a “facelift” for the vagina. And hear the intimate details of Susan’s 3rd Femi-Lift laser treatment when the nurse turned the laser on high!

Watch this series of videos from Susan and get fully informed on what you’re in for when you go do this yourself.

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