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How The P Shot® Protocol Reverses Erectile Dysfunction

I’m Susan Bratton here with Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of both the O Shot or Orgasm Shot and the P Shot or Priapus Shot. We’re going to talk about what they are.

Dr. Runels: I ran a wound-care center at a hospital. We treated people with hard-to-heal-tissue on the legs, diabetic wounds that won’t heal, and people facing amputation. One of my interests was looking at how tissue heals and what takes place on the cellular level to help tissue heal. You have these tools for that with none of them being applied to the genitalia. The idea was could we use platelet-rich plasma, which has been known to heal wounds for the past 15 years.

For 15 years doctors have been using platelet-rich plasma to heal hard-to-heal damaged tissues from surgeries, orthopedic surgeries. The cartilage in your knee doesn’t have much blood flow so it helps heal that tissue. I thought about using PRP in genitalia. Almost nine years ago, my first patient was me. That was terrifying. I imagined if something went wrong, we would be trying to explain that in an emergency room somewhere. You realize that yellow goo that’s around the scab when you scrape your knee as a child is regrowing skin. It’s bringing in stem cells from your bone marrow which matures to grow new fabric, the fibroblast, and bring in new blood flow and nerves. Then lo and behold, you have a new piece of skin where there used to be a big scrape.

I thought what would happen if you put that in the penis which also has blood, nerves and collagen. Now, after working on that procedure for a few months, we discussed the clitoris. As we’ve talked about, the clitoris is a miniature penis that has blood flow, nerves and collagen. So we started a procedure where we injected PRP into it as well. It’s a very simple, most of the time very pain-free procedure.

The O Shot and the P Shot involve getting in the rich golden broth of healing factors from your own blood re-injected into your clitoral or your penile tissue to regenerate new tissue, new vascularization of veins, new nerves and a new fibrin matrix that holds the growth factors in place. We’ve known for 15 years that the PRP help scarring, but it turns out it also helps with Peyronie’s disease. There’s a physician out of Paris who published a study about a year ago showing that PRP helps that scarring better than the next best thing which is a $50,000 procedure called Syphax which involves using collagen to dissolve the scar. PRP works better with fewer side-effects. We know that it treats acne scars but it also treats scarring from delivering big babies too.

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