How To Make Her Orgasm

Susan Bratton talks about turning yourselves into multiorgasmic men and women. Read on to learn how to make her orgasm.

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I’m Susan Bratton, hot sex adviser to millions, and I get the lucky task of being a Dear Abby of sex. I love to help people learn how to have passionate lovemaking. I teach people bedroom communication skills and the third leg of that stool is all-important because, without your sexual health, it’s hard to have sex. 

What happens when you’re trying to get your sex life back and rekindle the passion? If you focus on foreplay, you’ll find that women become more orgasmic. They have better orgasms and turn multi-orgasmic. They have orgasms at different places in their body.

Women can have breast-gasms, nipple-gasms, kiss-gasms, and gasms from getting their neck nibbled. It’s not just the clitoris. Instead, it’s the labia, the whole mons, the entire vulva, and her urethral and perineal sponge. Some women are wired to enjoy anal sex more than vaginal sex. Again, it’s that curve, and so by scheduling ‘us’ time in the bedroom and learning new things, it puts you in the beginner’s mind together. It makes you feel like a teenager again. 

You can rekindle the passion and not only get back to where you were but get beyond it because you’ve got the depth of connection and time you’ve spent together and the willingness to try new things. So to me, that’s the biggest key. 


I just wanted to let you know I have a lot more resources about this topic in the links associated with this video.

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