A Simple Trick To Get Her To Say, “Yes” To Your Offers

It begins with two people falling deeply in love and this love was different from their past relationships. In this special bond, romance rekindles deeper feelings and sentiments. So how do you keep the romance alive in your life?

A Simple Trick To Get Her To Say, “Yes” To Your Offers

[Susan] If you want to be more viable to this masculine powerful woman, run her a menu of small offers.

Instead of making her one offer, run her a menu. Would you like me to get you a glass of chardonnay when you get home? Should I get the hot tub ready so we can go in and relax or do you want to flop on the couch and I’ll order Chinese and give you a foot rub?

All of the above!

[Susan] That is usually the answer to a question like that. What’s great is that I teach men they can dodge rejection by running a menu of small offers. When you do that, your woman feels like you’re paying attention to her because you’re thinking, “What’s going on in her world? What does she need now? How can I be supportive of her?”

Those menus can get sexier and you can run some really sexy menus for her later, which gives her foreplay. It’s dopamine.

I know you’re going to say that, John. Because it’s like “Oh, I love to shop,” and it’s a shopping of offers, right?


[John Gray] It’s a discussion of what she would like. This is the strategy I teach men, which you’re implying. You have to anticipate if she’s stressed. She’s won’t be able to ask what she wants. She may not even know what she wants.

So, I’m already braced for the first one. Now, I don’t want to do that. I can go to the restaurant. No, I’d rather just eat at home. Well, what if I give you a foot rub? That sounds good, but you have to know that sometimes it’s three strikes.

Then, you say whatever you say and she’s will go “That’s so cool!” or “I really like that! That would feel so good.”

Literally when women can share and you reject it, and you say something and they reject it, women know that men usually pout. If a man says “Should we do this?” and she says, “No, I don’t want to do that,” he gives up. But it’s that sustained power of not getting upset when she’s not into his first, second, or his third suggestion.

She’s produced so much oxytocin by feeling safe, that whatever you suggest, she goes “Wow, that sounds great!”

Again, it’s another version of the menu.

[Susan] It just accelerates your process and gets it all done at once.


Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, and this video is part of a series I shot with John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus. As a guy, it’s hard enough to figure out what women want, and now that women are stronger and more powerful than ever.

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