How Do I Get My Guy To Be A Better Lover

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Here is a video series on the six essentials to being sexual soulmates. This is from an interview with Cami Elen for her Ultimate Love Life Make-Over.



Sometimes, it’s fun to plan a date and learn things together.

Let’s say your boyfriend, and you are having a fun time together, sexually. 

We put together the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection for couples to watch together because couples that play together stay together. When you learn something together, it brings you closer. Many women have asked me, “How do I get my guy to do more interesting things in the bedroom? How do I get him to take the lead? How do I get him to discard the same old things?”

Married women say, “I want to want him for sex, but I don’t.” What do you do in those cases? Or a girlfriend says, “I like this guy. He’s the total package, but he doesn’t turn me on. I like him everywhere, but in the bedroom, he’s passive, or he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing, or he’s too rough, or he treats me like a porn star.”


That’s where you pull out the “Let’s try something new together.” You can train him without him knowing you’re teaching him by having lovemaking dates. Like “Let’s explore cunnilingus, and I’ll give you oral. You try a bunch of things and tell me what you’re doing. In the end, I’ll tell you whether I like it or not.” Or you try things, and I’ll say, “Go harder, higher, back and forth fast. Go up and down slowly.”

It allows you to train him regarding things you like at that moment. Tomorrow, your yoni will want something different. Every woman is different in every moment, whereas men are constant. Testosterone is a very steady-state where estrogen’s all over the map. You have to train him to understand that there’s always something fresh with a woman communicating her needs.

This is the Sexual Soulmate pact I’m giving you as my gift. It’s one of the six essentials for connected sex out of the Sexual Soulmates book. The Sexual Soulmate pact valuable, especially for new boyfriends, because you start on the right foot by them loving your feedback instead of hurting their ego is wounded.


You say to them, “We are animals. We love to think we’re heavenly beings, but we are like other animals. On some days, I’m a kitty cat, and on others, a lion. I don’t always know who I will be. Some days, I’m delicate. Other days, I’m more hearty, and I’ve got the energy for crazy sex positions. Other days, I want you to make sweet slow erotic love to me. I will always tell you where I am to meet at a place that will provide me the most satisfaction. And you can tell me the same things.”

Every time I give you feedback, say, “Okay, baby, or thank you.” Don’t say, “Sorry, or I know that. That shuts me down because I don’t know what my animal wants until now, and I’m reporting to you from my animal. So it would help if you thanked me because I’m giving you the tools to provide me with the most pleasure possible. Could we have an agreement through the Sexual Soulmate Pact that there is no such thing as failure? It’s feedback to make you a better lover so you can give me the most incredible pleasure possible.”

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