Dirty Talk Fantasies

I’m Susan Bratton and you’re reading my wonderful series on dirty talk including how to recognize your lover’s dirty talk style, a dirty talk secret trick, how to talk dirty without feeling weird, the five essentials for dirty talk, and dirty talk fantasies. You can take your newfound dirty talk expertise to level 11 just […]

Jim Benson And Susan Bratton Video Bloopers

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Sexual Freedom For Women

A female sexual enhancer is used to increase the desire within you to have sex; the experience that a woman goes through is needed to fulfill her sexual being and gives her the ability to have an orgasm.

Sexual Transformation

[Brianna] I’m Brianna Wunderlin and I want to welcome you to Spark Your Divine Feminine Power Through Pleasure where we bring together some of the world’s teachers to fire up our divine power, pleasure, and feminine energy. This creational energy power is the world and we want you to find its power within and use […]