Viagrette: The Undressing Dressing Recipe for Erectile Function

Why eating leafy green vegetables with homemade salad dressing is the single best thing for pleasure. Here is a salad dressing recipe for erectile function.

Easy Home Made Salad Dressing Recipe:

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Viagrette: The Undressing Dressing Recipe for Erectile Function

I’m Susan Bratton, intimacy expert to millions, and I’m here to tell you how to make my salad dressing recipe, which I call Viagrette: The Undressing Dressing, because of all the crazy things I say to you for great sex life.

Leafy green vegetables and homemade quality salad dressing is the best nutrition advice I could give you to feel pleasure.

Your body needs blood flow to your genitals no matter whether you’re male or female-bodied because we have as much erectile tissue in our womanly bodies as our male partners do in theirs, and that erectile tissue needs to get filled with blood.

The problem is that as you age, by the time you’re 50, you have half the amount of nitric oxide production as you did when you were 25. Nitric oxide is the gas that squeezes your blood vessels and sends the blood to your penis or vulva so you can have a tremendous erectile function.


Sex will feel good, and you’ll have a good time. The second is you also need clean arteries. Suppose you’re buying bottled salad dressing in an attempt to eat more leafy green vegetables. In that case, you’re taking leafy green vegetables and putting bad fats, sugars thickeners, and gunk into those beautiful vegetables, which means you’re filling up your arteries and not getting the healthy experience you think you are.

Making your salad dressing is so easy. It’s a three-ingredient situation, and the salad dressing lasts for weeks in your refrigerator.

Viagrette: The Undressing Dressing

Honestly, I got it from Jacques Papa and Julia Childs. Here’s what it is. Three things. Oil, vinegar, and mustard.

This is what I recommend—one cup of avocado oil. I like avocado oil, and I love this Primal Kitchen brand because it doesn’t get clunky in the refrigerator. When it chills, it doesn’t get thick. It stays pretty thin, so you can shake it and use it right away.

The second is a quarter cup of vinegar to every cup of oil. I like sherry vinegar, but you can use any vinegar you want.

Number three: the french dijon. Use dijon because it tastes the best—one to two tablespoons. A cup of oil, a quarter cup of vinegar, and one tablespoon of french dijon mustard, and you’ve got a salad dressing.

You stick it in a container, shake it up, and pour it on, and you’ve got a beautiful salad and a delicious heart. Healthy sex, healthy dressing.


Let me tell you how to bling it up. Of course, there’s salt and pepper that you can add. I always like to add a shallot. This is the only fresh ingredient you need. All the other stuff you can keep in your cabinet at home and make fresh dressing whenever you need, but a shallot for some reason goes so well with the dijon mustard.

You want to fine-dice your shallot so that it’s small pieces in your salad dressing. If you like, you could add garlic powder and a dried herb. I like savory. It’s an unusually delicious herb that tastes great with the dijon with shallots, oil, and vinegar. Or you could try marjoram but don’t mix them.

They contrast each other in taste. See which one you like the best. You sprinkle a bit, shake it up, and pour it on, scarf up your salad, and you’ve got great heart-healthy keto food that tastes good and is suitable for you. Viagrette: The Undressing Dressing from your trusted intimacy expert to millions, Susan Bratton.

I’ll see you on the other side, hopefully without too much lettuce in our teeth.

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