Claws of Attraction

Intimacy expert Susan Bratton and her girlfriend Jena la Flamme, a pleasure expert, unbox and try out the “Claws of Attraction” adjustable fingernail extensions from LitUp.Love. After putting them on, Susan scratches Jena’s back, starting gently but increasing pressure per Jena’s guidance. They discuss how the claws allow for a range of sensations, from light tickling to more intense scratching. Jena describes the stronger scratching as having a “vampiric” quality, playfully remarking that the “Claws of Attraction” make one stuck with her. Susan shares a promo code “SUSAN” for viewers to get a discount on these products.

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Full transcript

Susan: Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Expert to Millions, here with my girlfriend.

Jena: Hi, I’m Jena la Flamme, Women’s Pleasure Expert.

Susan: And we have gotten a goody bag. This is called, Claws of Attraction. And here’s what it looks like. Oh my gosh, look at that!

Jena: Okay, they’re adjustable, so any finger size can fit in here.

Susan: So we just, we probably won’t get them all on, but you get the idea. You start on me. So this is like, for the people who just love tickle scratching, how does it feel?

Jena: I think it’s more than a tickle scratch. It’s like, let me feel it.

Susan: You want me to do it harder? Harder.

Jena: Yeah. Oh, okay.

Susan: How does it feel?

Jena: Yeah. When you stroke up.

Susan: Yeah.

Jena: Then.

Susan: It’s good. You like it up.

Jena: Yeah. Stronger though.

Susan: Stronger.

Jena: There we go.

Susan: Oh, I would have never thought you’d want it that strong.

Jena: Yeah.

Susan: That’s very good communication. Pleasure Coach.

Jena: Thank you. It’s a vampiric. Kind of thing like.

Susan: Yes. Yes. I will [00:01:00] devour you.

Jena: My claws. You’ll be.

Susan: I’m stuck in her talons. Oh!

Jena: The Claws of Attraction make you stuck with me.

Susan: That’s so cute. She’s a natural at this. Trisha gave us promo code SUSAN for a discount if you want to try Claws of Attraction or any of her other sensational products. There you go.


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