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How Does A Penis Pump Work

Today, I’m going to talk about the many benefits of penis pumps, how penis pumps function, and the most effective methods of using penis pumps. Many guys don’t trust that penis pumps can improve their penile dimensions mostly because they’ve purchased a faulty product. I’ll tell you how a premium penis pump can benefit you […]

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

If you’ve been following me for some time now, you’ve probably noticed I talk about the GAINSWave protocol for increasing erectile function a lot. That’s because it simply works! I’ve communicated with hundreds of men who have gone through GAINSWave treatments, and have heard their rave reviews and turn-around stories. If you’re not as firm […]

What Are The 5 Causes of ED?

In this video, Susan Bratton and Dr. Amy B. Killen talk about the five causes of ED. Amy is an erectile dysfunction expert who helps men overcome their ED. Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D Contact Dr. Amy B. Killen at Biorestoration, Draper, UT biorestoration.com. 801-501-9797 […]

How The P Shot® Protocol Reverses Erectile Dysfunction

I’m Susan Bratton with Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of both the O Shot or Orgasm Shot and the P Shot Protocol or Priapus Shot. We’re going to talk about what they are. [Dr. Runels] I ran a wound-care center at a hospital. We treated people with hard-to-heal-tissue on the legs, diabetic wounds that wouldn’t […]

Why Do You Have ED?

I’m Susan Bratton with my friend Dr. Amy B. Killen, and we’re doing a series on erectile dysfunction. I talk to Amy about how she determines the causes of erectile dysfunction. Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques, plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D: Contact Dr. Amy B. Killen at Biorestoration, Draper, UT […]

GAINSWave + PRP + Penis Pump

I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert from The20, with my friend Dr. Robyn Benson from Santa Fe Soul Centre for Optimal Health. We are going to talk about GAINSwave and PRP used in the Priapus Shot as a combination of therapies that help reverse erectile dysfunction and increase overall erectile performance. Get Hard Instantly On […]

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

I asked Amy, “You work with men with erectile dysfunction day-in-and-out, so you see all kinds of problems. What are the types of men who have ED? How do you categorize them? EJACULATORY FREEDOM Get the Ejaculatory Freedom Audio Series about how to get hard and stay hard and how to last as long as […]