Orgasm Shot: What To Expect From The O Shot® Procedure

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton and I’m with Dr. Charles Runels. You are probably familiar with him as the inventor of the O Shot, the orgasm shot procedure. What should a woman expect? What will her vulva look like before and after an O shot procedure or a vampire wing lift, which is one of your newest strategies. Is there anything else that you’ve been doing that you want to talk about.

The basic premise is that you can rebuild tissue from the cellular level. When I say cells, I mean nerves, blood flow, collagen, even the fatty tissue just like you have fat in the cheeks of the face. There is fat in the labia majora which makes it round, enables new blood flow to make it pinker and instills in it a new sensation for more pleasure. On a cellular level, appearance-wise, it starts to look five or ten years younger. Things that go wrong with sexuality that cause blocks in our relationships can be eventually traced to the cellular level. For example a woman in pain due to an episiotomy tear and suturing from scarring from having delivered a big baby can be from trigger point tenderness in the pelvic floor muscles where there’s inflammation. It can be from Lycan’s Carosa, one of the dramatic pathologies that cause problems. You can trace the origin of all those problems back to malfunctions and dysfunction at the cellular level.

We help orgasmic function by bringing new blood flow and sensation to the tissue surrounding the vagina. We improve the functionality the helps orgasm and libido and relieves pain based on cellular medicine. The side effect is the vulva looks pinker and happier. When the tissue is invigorated, plump and fluffy and easily able to be engorged, your whole vulva gets a lift. You get more sensation and pleasure with the tissue and it looks prettier and there’s nothing wrong with a beautiful vulva. We were all made beautiful. Most of realize aging happens but we’re happy to push the clock back.

With the treatments I’ve had, I feel like I dialed at the clock back 20 years and at 57, I feel like I have the vulva of when I was 35. That includes my grip, ability, muscle control, my level of orgasmic contraction, the sensitivity of my outer labia, inner labia, my mons area, the clitoral hood, and that soft slippery skin above the clitoral hood. The fact that my clitoris is so sensitive now even from over and through the hood, not touching the actual clitoral structure, and the fact that I can have a more substantial clitoral erection is amazing as well. Intravaginally, the sensitivity is heightened. So the vestibular bulbs feel more pleasure as do both my labia majora and labia minora. Everything is more sensitive, feels more pleasure and looks better, is springier and spongier, all from injecting what came from my body back into my body. It’s all-natural and organic.

As you know, I used the process athletes, wound care physicians and dentists have used for years. Basically harvesting the part of your blood, the growth factors in the platelets that trigger the body to restore itself. I used the same technology and applied it to our space. There was a paper that came out a couple months ago showing that women who have had breast cancer are in pain because they’re dry and it’s hard to lubricate and so they start avoiding their lovers. We also had another study coming out showing that by using platelet rich plasma in the O shot process, the body starts to make new fluid.

The clitoris is not just that part that peeps out at you under the clitoral hood. It drapes down on each side of the vagina, and there are ultrasound studies showing that our plasma flows down into that part of the clitoris.

A woman has a prostate gland or Skene’s gland which is responsible for ejaculation. We’re injecting into a woman’s prostate gland and hence we have women in their 60s having ejaculatory orgasms for the very first time. So the tissue is beginning to wake up like a man who has the urge to empty his prostate, which is where most of the ejaculate comes from. That extra activity of the tissue, the Skene’s glands or the period glands or woman’s prostate, is known as “filling up with fluid” and it’s causing women to have explosive orgasms.

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