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Your Best Live: Libido, Desire and Arousal

Let’s get to libido, desire, and arousal. I first want to tell you about hormones because of several myths. I will bust many myths today. Many women think, “My hormones are down. I’m in menopause. I don’t have the desire I used to have. My libido is shot.” Interestingly enough, I posit that it has […]

Your Best Live: The Anatomy of Ageless Sexuality

Read on to learn more about ageless sexuality. Here is your free download of the Female Genital Anatomy for Arousal and Pleasure Video Ebook. Let me tell you about anatomy. I use the word vulva instead of vagina because the vagina is just the birth canal and the place where the penis goes. These days that’s […]

Your Best Live: Sex Tech for Singles and Couples

Get your g-spot, squirting toys, tools, lube guide, and how-to video here. Read on to learn more about sex toys for singles and couples. Click the links below to purchase your favorite sex toys: SEX TOYS FOR SINGLES AND COUPLES Let’s talk sex tech. Here we go, gadgets! Susie, sexy show and tell. There are […]

Your Best Live: Making Whoopee 3.0

Read on to learn more about making whoopee. Download your free eBook: Thrust in Time I want to give you a couple of techniques. I talked about toggling the nervous system. Remember to use your hands when you make love. You end up being so focused on the friction of your genitals that you forget […]