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Paleo F(x): Sex Tech for Singles and Couples

Get your g-spot, squirting toys, tools, lube guide, and how-to video here. Learn about the various sex toys for singles and couples. Click the links below to purchase your favorite sex toys: SEX TOYS FOR SINGLES AND COUPLES I want to talk about sexual technology. A vibrator doesn’t push away a woman’s ability to orgasm […]

Paleo F(x): The Anatomy of Ageless Sexuality

Read on to learn more about ageless sexuality. Here is your free download of the Female Genital Anatomy for Arousal and Pleasure Video Ebook AGELESS SEXUALITY I will just show you this slide. I won’t delve into it other than to tell you that this is a list of the different regenerative treatments available for erectile […]

Paleo F(x): Making Whoopee 3.0

So, making whoopee! This is a list of intercourse techniques I’ve created to help our male-body donors understand how to use their penis in a vagina in pleasurable ways to the feminine. Mostly, when men watch pornography, they’re just doing this, and it is honestly a lot of friction and not significant compared to these […]

Paleo F(x): Personalized Sex Life Master Plan

Learn how to create your sex plan. Get your Sex Life Master Plan here. How would you rate your skills as a lover? One to five guys will rank themselves better because testosterone makes them think they’re better than they are. Guys, you’re not as good as you feel, but we still love you because […]

Paleo F(x): The 3 Types of Orgasm

You need to learn about the ultimate sex life master plan. Check out my “20 Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge and try them all. SEX LIFE MASTER PLAN There are three types of orgasms. There are places you can touch your body. Orgasmic techniques, tools, toys, and objects generate orgasms. All of us can experience 20 […]

Paleo F(x): Erotic Playdates

The most important thing is to think about your sex life as a great adventure and an opportunity to create experiences and fun together. Stop thinking about having sex and start thinking about getting erotic playdates on the calendar for Thursday night. “We’re going to get Chinese takeout. We’re going to eat that. I’ll set […]

Paleo F(x): Libido, Desire and Arousal

Read on to learn more about desire and arousal. Good morning. How are you? Thanks for showing up today. We will have quite a ride together. You’re going to ride my bike today. Let me tell you how it’s going to go. First, I will overview the fundamentals of our sexuality, things we don’t fully […]