Paleo F(x): Making Whoopee 3.0

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So, making whoopee! This is a list of intercourse techniques I’ve created to help our male-body donors understand how to use their penis in a vagina in pleasurable ways to the feminine. Mostly, when men watch pornography, they’re just doing this, and it is honestly a lot of friction and not significant compared to these techniques.

They can learn how to use their penis as connected to their heart. It’s articulate, alive, bonded, and moves inside us in ways we may have never felt before. There are many techniques you can learn. Look for the term “making whoopee,” on my website. Read the free methods about teaching women to make love back, meet their partner, deliver the sensation, get ourselves off, and take pleasure into our hands.

It’s crucial if you’re in a heterosexual monogamous relationship to learn how to have sex. Many sexperts piss me off because they say, don’t worry about it. If you can’t come from intercourse, do other things. I’m like, “No, learn to have sex.”

It’s such a disservice to tell women they should do other things when all they have to do is learn to do it.

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