Hormone Therapy: Risks vs. Advantages

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Here’s our sixth video on the Truth About Hormone Replacement Therapy and cancer risk.

In this video, we reveal the bad rap received by Hormone Replacement Therapy and what you can do to avoid risk.

Learn about:
Recent developments in HRT. (:42)
The alternative to alien hormones that are not natural to human beings. (1:22)
The difference between prescription progestin and natural progesterone. (1:54)
Where the premarin estrogen many doctors prescribe really comes from. (2:00)
Side effects of traditional HRT. (2:21)
Impact of the Women’s Health Initiative on HRT treatment. (2:33)
The bio-identical hormone solution to the safety issue. (2:58)
What specific cancers are sensitive to bio-identical hormones. (3:31)

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