The Pros And Cons of Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT

Dr. Glenn Wilcox, Wise Medicine
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Here is my video series on penis pumps:

Hormone Replacement Therapy can help you live a happier, longer life and extend your sexuality as well as increase your cognitive functioning.

If you think you might be low on Testosterone as a guy or your Estrogen is dipping as a woman, I highly encourage you to watch this video series.

Dr. Glenn Wilcox and I discuss:

Using DHEA to support sex hormone production. (:41)
Where DHEA comes from and what it does in your body. (:57)
Impact of low DHEA levels. (1:15)
The best way to test your DHEA level. (1:50)
What you need to know about DHEA doses. (2:03)
Normal range of DHEA for women. (2:17)
The consequences of too much DHEA. (2:23)
How to titrate for the correct level. (2:50)
Importance of DHEA for postmenopausal women. (3:00)
DHEA and female sexual response. (3:33)

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