How To Increase Testosterone Naturally

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Insufficient Testosterone can lead to hardening of the arteries, blood clots and strokes, early cardiac cell death leading to heart attacks, inflammation, anxiety, depression, crankiness, risk of diabetes, memory issues, Alzheimer’s, dementia, mitochondrial aging, low libido, loss of vitality, cancer–including more aggressive prostate cancer– and premature death.

I’m talking to older men whose testosterone levels are on the decline, here. Young men should not supplement Testosterone as it may reduce their body’s ability to produce it. Older men can use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to up their hormone levels. Dr. Lindsey Berkson, author of Sexy Brain says men feel best with levels around 700-800, if not closer to 1,000.

With today’s chemically-toxic environment, fewer nutrients in our soil and food supply, and the stress of modern life, even young men are becoming low in Testosterone. Being overweight also lowers your testosterone.

If you want to raise your Testosterone you need to stay slim.

And exercise. The latest health craze of HIIT — high-intensity interval training is now recommended over power-lifting. HIIT uses bursts of strength, energy and stamina. It came out of the crossfit craze, but even Time magazine is recommending it as a good way to keep building strength and muscle tone. Muscle tone is linked to Testosterone. Big strong men. The classic mark of Testosterone is masculinity.

And I have good news for you.

Frequent, satisfying sex increases your Testosterone.

Both touching and sex increase natural Testosterone for men and women and orgasmic, penis in vagina sex gives women a T-boost plus two kinds of beneficial estrogen by absorbing semen in their vaginal tissue.

Semen is full of mood and hormone supportive substances. But it can’t work it’s magic if you use condoms. So watch my video Semen Simulates Sex to learn about other contraceptive options because safe wet sex that is the healthiest kind of sex you can have.

The vagina is a sponge that wants a man’s semen for the vital hormones he provides her.

And by frequent, satisfying sex. I mean the kind where you both come and you both orgasm.

If you’re having frequent, satisfying sex (which if you are not, spend some time studying sex techniques at my website, Personal Life Media dot com (I’ll put the link below in the show notes.) you’ll be ready for when you do meet a lover. You’ll have excellent skills to call upon to thoroughly pleasure each other.

Note: Men with higher T can sometimes carry a gene that converts Testosterone to Estrogen so they end up not feeling manly and having a propensity to grow breast tissue, AKA “man boobs.”

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  1. I am 88 years old. My doctor told me my testosterone level is 300 and is NORMAL. Well if that is true I want to be ABNORMAL so can you advise how to get this up to 800 or so?

  2. Hi Susan What I’m finding is that I can get hard but don’t always cum, Im not to worried about but then my girlfriend is and like me to cum in her then I do, any tips or ideas? I also do shift working work away.
    I tried to find your link hard on command but didn’t find it

    1. Hi Craig,
      Here is the link for the Get Hard Instantly ebook.
      Sensation loss creates difficulty climaxing (“delayed ejaculation”) for many men as they age.
      Here are my articles with solutions:

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