Today Extra: 5 Secrets To Achieving Everlasting Love

Discover the 5 secrets to achieving everlasting love. Enhance your relationship with Susan Bratton at Today Extra.

Welcome back. Most people want to know the formula for a passionate long-lasting relationship and luckily, love expert Susan Bratton says it’s not as complicated as you might think.

She’s back in the studio with five rules you should abide by to enhance your relationship. Susan, it’s good to have you back.


[Susan] I’m so glad to be back.

Tell us how we know if our relations work?

[Susan] I think all relationships don’t need work. They deserve work, and it doesn’t have to be work. It can be fun, especially if you’re talking about what turns the relationships into passionate relationships.

What are the pillars for a passionate relationship?

[Susan] I studied what makes romance romantic. What is that quality? I looked at all the things people do all over the world and I realized there are five basic things. I came up with the five pillars of passion.

Men like romance, but women need to feel loved. Guys listen up about the five pillars of passion.

What is number one?

[Susan] Be mindful. Your relationship is an entity that you need to put attention to. You need to shower attention on each other. Show affection.

Number two is what I call sensate connection. That’s using your senses. That’s holding your hands, loving and hugging each other. Women need a full-body touch and looking each other in the eyes.

The other one I like here is practicing spontaneity. Playful adventure. The couple who plays together stays together.

[Susan] Then there’s erotic communication. Give verbal appreciation. Women need to hear that you love them. Men are more visual. Women are more auditory.

We need you to tell us as much as possible that you love us.

The fifth one is declarations of your love. Rituals things that you do together every year. Also tokens of your love like gifts. The classics are flowers, jewelry. I’m wearing gorgeous opals today, your beautiful Australian moonstone.

I like a candle.


[Susan] The lighting is important. These are sensations. Flowers and perfume smell good. Chocolate tastes good. It’s a sensate connection.

Also fun and adventure. Take your partner to do something. When you move a person, you move their emotions.

Roller coasters – a little danger, a little safety together. It’s very romantic. A rowboat, some snorkeling, a nature walk.

What happens when we’re not with our partners. Is there a particular way we should be communicating with them? Like when they go off to work?

[Susan] Men would like to have a picture of you.

Are you saying sexting?

I’m not saying that. You said it.

Call her and don’t just say I love you. Tell her what you love about her. Tell her what you desire and why she’s beautiful to you. The woman likes specifics and she likes to hear them.

Also, ask how their day is going. That’s nice.

That’s the mindfulness paying attention. When I come home, there’s going to be full erotic touching!

[Susan] I think I’ve just made your wife very happy!

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