What Is Breast Implant Illness

I’m Susan Bratton from The20, with my friend Diane Kazer. We’re talking about breast implant illness. You’ll notice that Diane has caution tape wrapped around her body. I would love for Diane to go into the specifics of breast implant illnesses because many women are becoming aware that their breast implants might be causing problems.

Will you describe the illness and how it affects so many women?

Thanks for the question, Susan. Millions of women now have breast implants, and it’s said that five to ten percent of us have breast implants at any given time. It’s not rare. It doesn’t happen to women who have silicone or have a predisposition to cancer, to women who have ruptured their breast implants, women after having them for thirty years, or to women with textured implants. These are many myths that you probably have heard at this point, but you probably have the seed planted. What if this is me, should I wonder, and what would it look like? 

My journey and what I have seen consistently across all the women we’ve been working with is that our hormones are having a challenging time keeping up. So the first thing that happens inside the bodies or our immune system goes, “Wait a second. That’s not-self. That’s not our DNA.” So the body goes, “I’m gonna create a shell around this implant,” and that is called the capsule. That is how we know the body does not like implants.


This looks like the body, no matter who you put them in and what size they said about. Sure, it does, but the body says ‘non-self,’ and it will build a wall around the implant. We find different types of bacterial strains inside this implant, and we can’t get to them with antibiotics. Those cause acne over the body, not on the face, but one thing we see in common with so many women is difficulty getting rid of skin issues, acne being one of them, rashes, and many different types like cysts, really thick growths.

I started to have significant growth underneath my armpit. Your lymph nodes are the places where all the toxins dump into the body, and there are hundreds of them. All of you have a beautiful temple. The main ones are around the sexual organ. So low sex drive is a huge problem, and many women have breast implants. 

I said breast implant illness because it takes time for the body to wear out trying to push them out. So anywhere you have lymph, the reproductive glands in your lymph nodes underneath your armpits. That’s right next to your boobs, so we don’t want to have higher odds of breast cancer, the number one for women. 

There are lymph nodes around your face, specifically around your eyes or your neck. The issues that I struggled with were different antibodies to the body. So Hashimoto’s hyperthyroid, that’s common now.

The root is that we’ve got these lymph nodes here, and there are lots of toxins. They’re living right next to that thyroid gland, so we see antibodies to the thyroid, and you see that medications stopped working. We know that rate stops working, or armor the natural version of that. So many of these medications work until they don’t—lots of women on antidepressants, lots of women in anti-anxiety.

I was at the end of my rope as a health practitioner, where I wanted to push everybody away from me. I was so irritable. Sounds, senses, people’s smells that we get so overwhelmed that our adrenals which are the bit glands on top of our kidneys in the mid-back section, make our sex stress and sleep hormones. So if you can imagine your poor adrenal glands, they’re trying to get these things out of your body and calm down the inflammation that implants are causing.

As a result, they’re keeping all these stress hormones. Your sex hormones and your sleep hormones are like, “What about us?” but your stress hormones are like, “We gotta take care of this mess over here,” and so your sex hormones start to decrease in production, sleep hormone starts to fall in production, and that’s important. We need sleep because 95% of fat-burning happens at night, so we have people who can’t lose weight and do all these diets. All these cleanses and are doing so many amazing things and effort, spending lots of time and money to resolve these things.

Anti-infection protocols like candida cleanse, parasite cleanses, antibacterial cleanses, viral cleanses, celery juice, whatever juice, different red juices. I’ve tried it all, traveled the world, done lots of yoga, lots of headstands, got seven certifications. I’m the exception because I’m a health practitioner, but the average woman sees many of these symptoms that we were referring to. She’s tried everything.

She’s gone to the doctor, she’s run a bunch of blood tests, they’ve run a bunch of scans, and no one can figure out what’s wrong with her, and she leaves feeling wholly hopeless and confused, maybe with more medication. The suicides high on also on breast implant enlists.

I got to that point three years ago myself, and that’s when things started to change, so I began to lose a lot of my body or connective tissue and also started to get disturbed. I ruptured my Achilles after I had mine taken out. So we see a lot of that and many self-body attacks. Many women lose their hair, their hair starts to fall out, having a difficult time taking a deep breath, and I could go on and on and on, but these are some of the ones that women go “I can’t take this anymore.” These are the more urgent ones where it’s like my digestion, my toxification, and my endocrine systems are all shattered. It’s not on a blood test, but deep down, intuitively, I know something is wrong. Fertility is also an issue.

So having an issue with reproduction and not transferring these toxins to the baby happens. According to many textbooks, doctors are not addressing it because it is not an acknowledged illness yet. There’s too big a business at stake for many practitioners to want to talk about breast implant illness. So thank you for being a champion about this topic.

I was thrilled to meet you and see the work you’re doing in the world. You have a new book on breast implant illness in the link below this video. We’re popping up a poll. This is a new feature on YouTube, and we’d like to know “Have you experienced breast implant illness?” Choose yes or no and give us some feedback. We care about you, and we want you to be healthy. We want you to know you’re not crazy and you’re not alone, and this is a real thing.

Thanks so much for tuning in. I’m with Diane Kazer. My name is Susan Bratton, and you’re watching The20. See you on the other side for the next episode right after this, which is all about breast implant removal. We have another one on explant surgery before and after the post-op and recovery, so stay tuned, keep watching, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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