Why I Removed My Breast Implants

I’m Susan Bratton with The20. Thanks so much for being here today on ‘Why I Removed my Breast Implants.’ Now, that’s not me talking because, luckily, I have not had to get breast implants, but I am joined today by my friend Diane Kaiser who I met at an industry event. That’s when I realized that breast implant illness is a thing, and I wanted to bring it to women’s attention. Diane is here to explain to us why she got her implants removed.

I met Diane at an industry event and realized that breast implant illness is a thing, and I wanted to bring it to women’s attention, so I’m debuting with Diane. This video series on breast implant illness is on my new channel, and we’ll also discuss why Diane removed her breast implants.

The question is, ‘Are you considering removing or have you removed your breast implants?’ Diane, would you share why you ended up getting implants with us?


About three or four years ago, I had a lot of health struggles, and the biggest one was I had such nasty skin rashes that it felt like I wanted to claw at my face. I was trying to scratch, and nothing resolved it. No over-the-counter stuff, none of the medications. The doctors kept taking swabs to figure out what was causing it. I used different creams and more prescriptions that didn’t work.

I took two rounds of Prednisone which is hard on-the-body medication. It turns the immune system off. Then I started getting sick with parasites, bacteria, and candida. I was chronically ill and couldn’t do anything to get rid of these pathogens, the viruses, and Epstein-Barr. As a practitioner, I asked myself, ‘Why am I the sickest person I know yet?’ I have so much knowledge and wisdom in the fitness industry and the health and the detox industry.


I help women with issues they’re struggling with. Yet, I had chronic parasites on my lab tests for six years. How am I on a parasite cleanse for six years and still have not gotten rid of these guys? They’re probably here for a reason. So I started asking the questions of why would they be here? What I know about parasites is they are there because they love the buffet of heavy metals, and they’re there to mop-up toxins.

If I’m living a detox life, using clean products on my skin, and watching every decision I make, even clearing out the most toxic people that I could to loving my career, loving what I do, how am I still so sick? I started researching, and I came across breast pump illness, and what I learned was that there are 30-plus toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and molds.


These end up transferring throughout the body. It’s not something that happens just to one person, and they don’t need to rupture. I found out from day one that all of us who have breast implants inserted into our bodies, toxins leaking from them because our body heats. You think about plastic in a car, like a plastic water bottle. It heated up, and the chemicals in the plastic water bottle leaked into the water. You’re told not to drink water if it’s been sitting in a car. It’s the same thing with breast implants.

We are warm creatures, so these chemicals start to bleed out slowly, and different things like silicone and metals travel throughout the body. These bugs are there to protect us, so no matter what kind of chronic cleanse I did, these bumps are still there to protect me. Then, it was my skin, my hair, my mood. I was irritable. I couldn’t sleep well, my hormones. My testosterone was barely even recognizable, not in a blood test because we looked deeper than that. I had scarcely any testosterone. That was when I won my bikini competition, so I have no clue, maybe willpower? But at some point, the will runs out. 


I had Hashimoto’s hypothyroid even though I started working with my antibodies there, it began to come back, so I had to ask myself a question. What is it worth to get my health back? And my breast implants were the answer. If this resonates with you and you think that these problems may be due to your breast implants, this is why you’re watching this video. 

We have a series including ‘What is Breast Implant Illness?’ ‘Breast Implant Removal,’ ‘Explant Surgery Before and After,’ ‘Explant Surgery Post-op,’ and ‘Breast Explant Recovery,’ and I also want to draw your attention to the link on this video. This is Diane’s new book about breast implant illness, and I encourage you to continue to pursue this as something that might make you feel better. Diane, thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m Susan Bratton, and we’ll see you in the following video.

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