Susan Bratton – Sunlighten Sauna

Susan gives you a tour of her new portable Sunlighten sauna and where it will be set up.

“My new Sunlighten Spa is here! I ordered the Impulse, which is the largest spa, so there will be more giant boxes and material. Let me take you into my garage and show you exactly what all the pieces and components look like.”


“This is the floor and the ceiling, and back here is another piece just as big. That’s the floor, and over here, we have the door with the glass, which is really nice. These pieces back here are the benches. So the bench curves around in this particular spa. There’s the other side of it, and over here, we’ve got some paddles and some flooring. There are extra parts down here on the floor. We also ordered the cover because we’re going to have it outside under our deck. Here’s my deck, and there’s the upper level that’s off my kitchen. When we come down here, I have a little underneath deck area. 

This is where the spa’s going to go. I’ve marked out the spa location, and check this out: I have an outdoor gas fireplace right here, which will be amazing. I’m going to put a few chairs out here, and then this is will be my view out of my spa. How gorgeous is that?

I’m super excited to have this sauna installed right here. Will you be able to have all the crazy sex dates you want in here? I’m just envisioning the possibilities right now! Look at that view! So good.”

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