Cliovana for Clitoral Sensation and Rejuvenation

I’m Susan Bratton, intimacy wellness expert to millions, and I’m with my friend Cheryl Schaaf. She’s a board-certified family nurse practitioner specializing in women’s sexual health and regenerative medicine, specifically for the vulva. In this series, we talk about specific technologies like the FemiLift, Cleovanna, and Revive. Cheryl uses these three technologies in Scottsdale, Arizona, at her practice. Today we’ll talk about Cliovana for Clitoral Sensation.

Cheryl Schaaf:

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Cliovana for Clitoral Sensation and Rejuvenation

Cheryl, hello again. Cleovanna, based on the store’s machine, uses an acoustic, sound, and or shock wave. These are different ways of describing a resonant technology that restores and regenerates your clitoral tissue.

Cheryl: This is the newest tool in my sexual health toolbox that women love. What’s interesting is this is the least invasive tool that I have. So I do not insert or inject. It’s a delivery of shockwave technology. What’s remarkable is that we’re focusing on the clitoral tissue. Most women, including myself, used to believe that our clitoris was the little visible button we see, but all of the tissue runs down the labia, and we treat all of it.

This is Cleovanna. As you said, there are three parts to this procedure. It lasts for about 10 minutes. In the first part, we use suction. For three minutes, we put this on the clitoral tissue to engorge it and bring blood flow to that area so that when we get to part two, the actual delivery of the sound wave energy, we’re more effective.

Susan: This is similar to this clitoral pump because I work with the Dr. Joel Kaplan company, which makes vacuum erection devices. They also make clitoral, nipple, and vulva pumps, and female customers have purchased the penis pumps for their male partners. They use the vulva and clitoral pumps on their vulva for engorgement before they make love.

It makes sense to bring the blood flow in before you use acoustic wave technology on that structure.

Cheryl: It’s almost like the clitoral tissue is breathing that pumping sensation.

We move on to part two, which is the actual delivery of the soundwave technology. We’ll turn this on and treat the clitoris itself and down and around the tissue.

Susan: Do you also go under to get the shaft below the clitoral glans?

Cheryl: For this to be effective, I have to use quite a bit of pressure, and that can be a little uncomfortable for our patients. I’ll do as much as they can tolerate. I try to stay near the clitoris and labia, not so much if they can handle that. That’s something that I can consider in the future.

Susan: So you’re mostly doing the clitoral hood, the side of the clitoral shaft, the clitoral glans itself, and going down between the inner and outer labia to get the crura, the arms of the clitoris?

Cheryl: Yes, I like to tell my clients this has been around for over a decade like GAINSwave. This helps with erectile dysfunction, and the least scientific way of explaining it is that we’re cleaning the clitoral pipes. Just like we’re getting more blood flow to the men, so they have minor erectile dysfunction, we are getting the blood flow to the clitoris to have better orgasms.

Susan: This is a store device often used for GAINSwave procedures. This is GAINSWave for Her (formerly called FemiWave). What’s great is that it knocks the plaque off the blood vessels in the clitoral structure while this shockwave technology micro-stimulates new tissue growth. As you age and atrophy, your clitoris shrinks. If you have low nitric oxide, you’re losing blood flow.

You’re not getting blood flow to your pelvis. Instead, you’re losing lubrication, erectile function, and sensation.

When I started getting procedures from you, you gave me my first O shot, which we had back then. It took me three O shots to restore full function to my clitoral structure. At 57, I finally realized I have the sensation I had in my 30s, but I’m having the orgasms of my 50s which are way better because we get more orgasmic.

We are better at having different orgasms as we age because they’re learned skills. We suffer from sensation loss from aging, and we need to reverse it. So we get the best of both worlds in midlife and beyond.

We’re getting down to the cellular level, causing revascularization. Blood flow is everything.

Many women think, “I have low libido. It’s my hormones!” I think it’s probably your blood flow. So Cleovanna is an excellent blood flow device.

How do you compare the Cleovanna to an O Shot? If I told you I could only afford one or the other, what would you do? What questions would you ask me to help me decide?

Cheryl: I love both, but we forgot about part three.

Susan: Sorry, let’s do part three. Then we can compare and contrast the O shot versus the Cleovanna or acoustic wave technology.

Cheryl: Part one was the suction, getting the blood flow and engorging the clitoral tissue. Part two was the delivery of the sound wave technology, which is what makes all the magic happen.

Part three. Typically, I’ll have my patients do it alone. Because we have delivered so much energy to the tissue, we want to calm the tissue. Our patients will use this by themselves.

They deliver sound wave energy and vibration to calm the tissue. It is not uncommon for our patients to have an orgasm in the clinic. I’m not in the room, and they have their privacy. If they can, it’s great because they have a limited time with this device. If they can’t, it’s okay. They have something to aim for.

That’s parts one, two, and three, and you recommend going home and doing solo pleasuring. I’d recommend doing solo pleasure before you show up.

There is no downtime. You can go home and have intercourse or solo pleasure or whatever you want after the procedure is done.

With this, we recommend four treatments, two per week for two weeks. Maybe a Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday.

That’s the recommended protocol when it comes to Cleovanna versus O Shot.

Some women are very leery of needles. So if anyone is afraid of injections, this is the ultimate choice. However, it’s okay to do both. We recommend waiting six weeks between treatments. Often, we’ll have women do the Cleovanna series. Then, six weeks later, we’ll add the O shot platelet-rich plasma.

We wake up the tissue even more. Sometimes, in the GAINSWave world in the men’s health world, they’ll combine the P shot, the priapus shot, which is equal to the O shot or Orgasm shot for women.

They’ll combine it with a series of six GAINSWave treatments. You’ll do Cleovanna first and follow it six weeks later with the O shot. I wonder about that because the O shot creates inflammation, as the Cleovanna does.

Susan: It stimulates new tissue growth and brings in extra healing factors. Have you ever tested the idea of Cleovanna with the O shot at the end of the procedure?

Cheryl: I believe the docs here have experimented with that, and the six-week time frame helped.

I also do this with the Femi-Osha combination. Typically, I’ll do one laser procedure, allow the body to rejuvenate and heal, and on the second Femi-Lift, do the O Shot. That also gives the patient the ability to differentiate between the treatments.

Because they already know what the Femi-Lift feels.

And when you do the O Shot, they’re like, “That was the incremental benefit of the O shot in the clitoral area.”

That makes total sense. Another reason someone might choose the O shot versus the Cleovanna or both is stress incontinence. The O shot is beneficial for patients who have mild stress incontinence.

If you want to reconstitute your clitoris, a combination of Cleovanna and the O Shot is perfect. How many women understand how much sensation they’ve lost as they age with their clitoris? Many women don’t even know how much they’ve lost.

The magic of living now is that we have options. Women are complacent because they don’t have orgasms anymore, or their sensations are not quite there. They’re struggling to climb. It used to be intense, and now it’s flat. Instead of settling, they’re doing something about it, and they’re excited.

Susan: That makes total sense. Fantastic! That’s Cleovanna. If you want to perk up your clitoris and feel more pleasure and sensation, use acoustic wave technology. This is an external “no-downtime” treatment. If you’d like to learn more about Cheryl Schaaf, you can follow her on Instagram @cherylschaaf.

I’m Susan Bratton, and you can watch the rest of this series where we talk about Cleovanna, the Femi-Lift, and the Revive by Viora. We will also talk about Vive, a new RF technology. So watch the entire series, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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