Shakti Queen

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Tantric Dating: Shakti Queen’s Many Dragon Kings

I’m Susan Bratton with my friend Amara Charles. Amara is a spiritual sexuality expert, and we’re doing this series on her teachings called the Shakti Queen. I love this series because it’s about the masculine-feminine dynamic and how you can step more fully into your feminine power and have better relationships with men. Learn more […]

How To Be More Feminine In Relationship

Dr. Amara and I will talk about five episodes that each have a technique for growing more fully into your feminine essence and sexual power. Read on to learn how to be more feminine. Amara is a spiritual sexuality expert who has studied for over 30 years several traditional lineages of spiritual sexuality and put […]

Shakti Queen: Sacred Female Sexuality

Strong and independent women tend to crowd out their masculine partners eventually. Men want to be desired on a profound and instinctual level. In this episode, Dr. Amara and I discuss the nature of the Shakti Queen, her sacred sexuality, and what she has to do to nourish her masculine partner. Click these links to […]

Expressing Feminine Power and Grace

I’m Susan Bratton with Amara Charles, a spiritual sexuality expert, and today we’re talking about her Shakti Queen training. There are five in this series of different pieces of the Shakti Queen training. Read on to learn about feminine power. We’ll be discussing how a woman can express her full feminine possibility. Women may have […]