Advice for Men

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What Are The 5 Causes of ED?

In this video, Susan Bratton and Dr. Amy B. Killen talk about the five causes of ED. Amy is an erectile dysfunction expert who helps men overcome their ED. Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D Contact Dr. Amy B. Killen at Biorestoration, Draper, UT 801-501-9797 […]

What Women Want In Bed

I’m Susan Bratton, trusted Hot Sex advisor to millions, and this is one of a series of videos I did with John Gray, the famous author of ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ and this one video can only give you a quick hit of inspiration. In this, we talk about what […]

How To Be Irresistible To Women

Learn how to be irresistible to women by improving your masculine energy. Click here. HOW TO BE IRRESISTIBLE TO WOMEN The two things a guy can do to make himself attractive to even the most modern, rigid CEO woman is to be a man on a purpose, with a mission and passion, living his life […]