How To Choose A Penis Pump

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The recommended 30-minute pumping session:

– Prepare your penis with a warm, wet washcloth or hand towel.
– Lubricate your entire penis and the base of the cylinder with water-based lubricant.
– Place it at the base of your penis and get a good seal.
– Pump for 10 minutes with The Whopper 3-inch cylinder flaccid (not hard).
– Follow the vacuum pressure numbers for the designated week. (-2 to -4 for the first 3 weeks)
– Release the pressure and remove the 3-inch cylinder.
– Enjoy 3 minutes of deep tissue, pleasurable penis massage to gain an erection.
– Pump for another 10 minutes with the 2-inch cylinder with a hard on at the recommended vacuum pressure.
– Release the pressure of the 2-inch cylinder.
– Wash up and you’re done.

Do this every other day for 90 days to see gains. If you want it to be permanent, continue a maintenance program of once or twice a week.

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Which penis pump is right for you?

Your MUST WATCH “consumer report” from the Vanna White of penis pumps.

Penis pumps can be used to gain and erection as well as to increase penile volume (girth and length).

In this video, Dr. Glenn and I discuss the different kind of penis pumps to help you choose the pump that’s best for you (or for your partner).

Success is in the details. Penis pumping is a PROVEN method for increased girth and length. A guy can get as much as an extra inch of manhood to play with by using a penis pump. Watch this video and find out all you need to know to select the perfect-sized pump.

Here are just a few of the details you’ll learn in this video to ensure your success:

Why you might want a BIGGER TUBE.
Two ways to develop the vacuum seal.
Hand pump basics: which material to buy, plastic or metal?
How to get the negative pressure “just right.”
The benefits of an AC-powered pump.
Watch me and Dr. Glenn demonstrate the sucking action of the penis pump.

Knowing how to use a pump properly is mission-critical. Avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKE guys make!

There’s tons of bedroom fun in store when you get the right pump for you and use it correctly.

Here are the links to the vacuum erection devices (aka penis pumps) we demonstrate and recommend:

1) Recommended Penis Pumps (Including “The Whopper”) Click Here:

2) Blue LCD Rechargeable Vacuum Erection Device Penis Pump Click Here:

3) More Trusted Male Enhancement Products Click Here:

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    1. Hi James, You can find The Whopper at, along with directions on how to use it to reverse early onset ED and atrophy as well as for penile volume growth both length and girth.