How To Use A Penis Pump

The recommended 30-minute pumping session:

– Prepare your penis with a warm, wet washcloth or hand towel.
– Lubricate your entire penis and the base of the cylinder with water-based lubricant.
– Place it at the base of your penis and get a good seal.
– Pump for 10 minutes with The Whopper 3-inch cylinder flaccid (not hard).
– Follow the vacuum pressure numbers for the designated week. (-2 to -4 for the first 3 weeks)
– Release the pressure and remove the 3-inch cylinder.
– Enjoy 3 minutes of deep tissue, pleasurable penis massage to gain an erection.
– Pump for another 10 minutes with the 2-inch cylinder with a hard on at the recommended vacuum pressure.
– Release the pressure of the 2-inch cylinder.
– Wash up and you’re done.

Do this every other day for 90 days to see gains. If you want it to be permanent, continue a maintenance program of once or twice a week.

Penis pumps are great for pumping extra blood into your penis before intercourse. And some of them vibrate along with pumping, which some men find a pleasurable addition to their masturbatory practice.

Doctors recommend penis pumps too. Regenerative medicine doctors give penis pumps to men after P Shots, GainsWave and other rejuvenation therapies to support the PRP, stem cell, exosome injections and ultrasound therapies.

There are two kinds of vacuums: air pumps and water pumps. Some men prefer to pump in the bath or shower. Others prefer the bed or their easy chair.

Some vacuums are battery operated, others plug into the wall. Some are hand pumped. Some have LED readouts with measurements. Even on expensive units I’ve played with, I’ve found the release button to be so small and pointy it hurt my fingers to release it. So your decision must not be factored on price only. Spending more might not get you additional value.

My recommendation is that you don’t spend a lot when getting started. The mechanisms are pretty simple. It’s a vacuum tube, so the seal is the critical piece: Getting an insert that fits comfortably around your penis and creates a seal when you apply lube to the edge is most important. If it doesn’t seal, who cares if there’s an LED readout?

The seal is important. The size of the tube and the seal ring matters. For the average man of 6”, he can probably use the larger tube. For a man 4” and under, it’s best to go with the smaller tube.

The #1 thing you DON’T WANT TO DO is OVER PUMP.

Over pumping can cause tissue injury and burst blood vessels. Since men have the propensity to not feel things and/or want to “take it like a man,” I beg you to take it easy!

Over pumping can actually LOWER your sensitivity and cause penile tissue damage. Slow, low and consistent is the key. Do it frequently and build up slowly.

What you’re doing is expanding the cells and helping bring in more blood flow so your circulatory system grows. You want not only the tissue in your corpus cavernosum to expand, you want your blood vessels to slowly grow over time so you can pump more blood into your penis during erections.

Your arteries send the blood to your penis. Your veins lock it in for an erection. And your capillaries are what send the nitric oxide signals to your body to engorge and deflate. That’s why circulation is the #1 most important attribute of erectile function.

If you pump with too much pressure you’re just hurting yourself… setting yourself back. Penis pumping is similar to building muscle. As your penis is pulled into the chamber, tiny little micro tears occur in the tissue.

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