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How To Masturbate

Let’s talk about masturbation and self-pleasuring. It’s completely natural for men and women to masturbate. It’s also very good for you and it makes your sex life better. We’re genetically wired to masturbate which is why almost everyone does it. I want to talk about how to masturbate in a way that can make you […]

Susan’s Skinspiration Protocol and #SelfCareDownThere

Susan Bratton’s Most Recommended Sexual Biohacking Tools; Her “Skinspiraton Protocol” Items and Product Links for “His and Hers #SelfCareDownThere.” The Cream colostrum facial moisturizer Luvele Yogurt Maker BioGaia Lactobacillus reuterii for the yogurt culture Organixx Collagen for smoothie Green Vibrance Super Greens powder for smoothie Spirulina and Chlorella powder for smoothie Organic Flax Seeds for […]